Feel the "Pressure," With Banshee's Latest Edge Filled Single

Formed in 2018, Nico Cafarelli recruited his friend and old bandmate, Austin Kranick to form a new project with the mission to create the wildest music they could, and to have a blast while doing it.

That’s when Banshee came to life. After trial and error with various musicians, they finally regrouped with rhythm section Tony Marzello and Andrew Wallace in order to serve up the sounds that we adore.

High voltage vitality teams up with a complete edge-filled arrangement in Banshee’s latest single, “Pressure.” Ripping through your speakers with a boisterous soundscape of prolific growls, the thunderous performance from all members creates this heavy hitter in a virtuous manner. The instrumentation takes the definition of high impact to a whole new meaning.

The unapologetic structure embellishes a fortified formula of pure head-banging metal. Demonstrating an exhilarating presentation of anguish, the inimical surface that they stand on contains corrosive elements in a riveting performance.

In the ruthless conveyance that Banshee effortlessly provides listeners, the stylistic kaleidoscope of vibrations takes you into a dark underworld that is deep in shadowy rumbles. The throttling musical articulation delivers perfectly timed percussion, as the rhythm keeps you on your toes with anticipation.

Venturing through the abstract details of how these heavy rockers perceive pressure, the distress professed allows us to feel a surge of animation that the band radiates. As Banshee leads their audience to their genuine quintessence, we become that much more fascinated in a swarm of larger-than-life theatrics through thunderous riffs. Prepare yourselves for the surplus of, “Pressure,” that will overcome you.

Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Pressure.” What inspired the concept of this song to be brought to life?

Austin (guitar) and I have had the idea to cover this song for around five years now. We worked on it in a previous project but it never grew into a fully realized song. For Banshee we knew we wanted to do a cover and we wanted to do something unexpected and out of the metal wheelhouse. So going back to this song was a no-brainer.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning “Pressure?"

The creative process for this was very organic and I think that's due to the original being unintentionally heavy on its own. Obviously, it isn't "heavy", but figuring out how to shift it to an electric aggressive guitar was really satisfying because it fit our style so well. We threw some things here and there to make it more abrasive but the structure is exactly the same.

How does this single hold up to other songs that you have previously released as a band?

I feel like this single is right at home with the rest of our material. Taking a not metal song and playing it the Banshee style was the mission statement and I think we hit it out of the park. It also shows some growth with the singing vocals, the bridges have a gentle delivery we haven't really done before, and the screams are just as if not more brutal.

What happens to be your proudest moment through your artistic career this far?

Some of my favorite moments so far are actually watching reaction videos. We've seen a handful so far and it's very validating to see people bop around and smile when they hear our songs for the first time. It feels good to know other people like what you do.

What's next?

We're working on new original material, and it’s very exciting. We have about five or six demos and jammed a brand new one during our last practice, so the wheels are definitely spinning. I don’t know if our next release will be an EP or an album but we’re looking forward to the future.