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Feel The Vibes From Toronto Artist Divi

Divi is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada that’s bringing a variety of sounds and flavors to the table. Born in Toronto, raised in Jamaica, Divi produces an ear-catching sound fusing several elements together. Never afraid to speak his mind,Divi is all about speaking the truth through his music while painting a picture in his listeners’ minds.

With a brand new single, “Boss $tatus”, Divi is presenting a catchy tune with a thoughtful arrangement. From the moment the song starts, my attention was captured. The beats are captivating and complex, the synths are varied and sit comfortably with everything else around it. The arrangement is well put together, using several elements and sounds working together in tandem. The vocals are free flowing with plenty of swagger, attitude and confidence. This single is full of hooks that are sure to become earworms, and Divi is confidently expressing his talents with every phrase. With Divi's new single “Boss $tatus”, it’s clear that we can expect great things in the future from this young rising star.

Listen to the fresh new hit "Boss $tatus" from Divi here.

Hey Divi, great to chat with you! First of all, how did you get involved with music and creating your own songs?

I’ve always been an artist at heart. I’ve always loved & paid attention to music even when I was a little kid. I started free styling and writing a little bit around 15. I always had friends encouraging me to make songs. I started taking music seriously after I turned 19. I linked up with a couple old friends who had a studio. They produced beats and I was producing hooks and verses, making songs from scratch.

Living in Toronto, how would you describe the music scene there?

Living in Toronto is a huge blessing to me. It’s where I feel at home, so it’s where I work the best. The whole city is a vibe and the music scene is always popping. There are always opportunities to create new vibes. A lot of my supporters are from here so I have to appreciate the music scene.

You were raised in Jamaica. Do you feel that your upbringing there had an influence on the way you make your music?

Yeah for sure. I have experienced a lot from being in Jamaica & that influenced myself and my music all together. Sometimes I do catch myself speaking in patois in some of my verses. 

Which artists do you look up to for influence or inspiration?

I mostly listen to my own music for inspiration. I’m always trying to better my sound as well. I look at different artists for motivation also. Artists like Future, JCole & Kanye are all I listened to through high school. They’ve influenced the way I hear music. I influence the way I make music the most.

What can we hope to see from you in the future, Divi?

This year I’m in my bag with the music. I have a music video I’m planning to release soon & an EP that’s in the works right now. We will see big things from Divi in the future!


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