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Feel Uplifted and Empowered With “A Gift From God” By Amy Lerie

Back again and fresh off the release of her second EP, “Higher”, Amy Lerie has big things in store. The French singer/songwriter is no stranger to success, her first EP “Torn” was released back in 2015 and was a huge hit with her fans. Amy Lerie’s new EP “Higher” has a theme of acceptance of feelings, situations, and forgiveness. After spending some time in Nashville, Amy met Nick Evans, a fellow songwriter, who also produced 4 out of 5 songs on her EP. Residing in PAris, Amy is now taking time for an upcoming musical in November 2019 and has been performing acoustic sets at various venues.

“A Gift From God” is an uplifting and inspiring track off of Amy Lerie’s EP “Higher”. The light pop hit is all about empowering woman. Amy could not have picked a more relevant time to release this brilliant song. “A Gift From God” praises women for who they are and encourages them to accept themselves and their choices. The pressure from society for women in their 30’s can be overwhelming in regards to marriage, buying a house, having children, all while maintaining a career and being poised and beautiful. “A Gift From God” spreads the meaningful message of acceptance and recognition for the beauty within. “Take a chance on your future, you’re a Gift From God” is favorite lyric within the chorus. Amy’s vocals fuse perfectly with the upbeat melody of “Gift From God”. Her tone and overall energy throughout the entire track is contagious and alluring. We’re already addicting to “Gift From God” and the entire EP titled “Higher”. Bravo, Amy Lerie! Stay on the lookout for what this eclectic artist delivers next.

Check out “Gift From God” here. Scroll down for an interview with Amy Lerie.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Amy! Can you go into more detail about the meaning of “Gift From God”?

Hey! I'm so happy to be there and talk to you again

So.. 'A gift from God' is a song about empowerment and the strength of being a woman today. 

We are asked more and more when you get in your 30's: when will you get married? When will you have a kid? do you have a mortgage at least? etc We are defined in the society by things you have or don't and I wanted to say that no matter what, you will be where you need to be when you need to be. As a woman and an artist, I'm trying not to follow this scheme that people force you to be in.

What inspired you to write about such a relevant and important topic?

My own life. I've had so many lives. I was a teacher (still officially am), I've been working in Human Resources in a law firm, I'm a singer-songwriter. So, you can see that I don't follow a plan. 

I'm 32, single, going back and forth to Nashville, doing my own things (promoting my EP, concerts, musical) and I can't see myself in one category. I hope i'll find my person but I'm not gonna be sad or desperate if in the next 10 years I don't find him. I have friends who found their person in their 20's, 30's and even 40's. So, scheme.

What lyric do you connect with the most in “Gift From God”? Why?

I actually wrote that song with this expression in mind: 'You're a light to the world'.I remember someone saying that to me..and I was so emotional and surprised by it that people could feel that about me.Then I realize that I like making people laugh, or telling my stories and singing them. I even had a couple of people that told me that I inspired I guess they were right..but i don't want to say it much out loud and sound cocky ahah

Who are your top three musical influences?

Hmm...that's a tricky question.Because a lot of my influences are artists I hear in TV Shows - the fact that a music accompanies a scene is the best way for me to connect with the lyrics.But if I had to pick, I would say:Sara BareillesTaylor SwiftShania Twain

What are a few things you want our readers to know about you?

I've been writing songs with French producers that are totally different from my universe (kind of Kygo sound like)I'm French and I can't write songs in FrenchThe song 'Higher' is inspired by people close to me 'Nothing to forgive' is a letter to my Dad.I'm playing in a French musical at the end of the year 


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