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Feel What It’s Like To Wear The “Crown,” With Kristina Menissov

Kristina Menissov began her career as a model in Los Angeles in 2017. Since starting, she has become a cover model for VOGUE Mexico and ELLE Arabia. She has also worked with Fashion Houses such as Cartier, Choppard, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Ngo, Michael Costello, and Jovani Dresses.

A former Italian-trained Opera Singer, Kristina Menissov has parlayed her modeling career into a blossoming singing career with the help of famed music producer Andrew Lane, who is known for the breakthroughs of such superstars as The Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara.

Kicking off 2022 with her newly released single, "Crown," her audience has a lot to anticipate from the emerging starlet this year. For starters, as soon as you press play on "Crown," you get taken into the eclectic essence of Kristina Menissov and her multidimensional skillset alongside artist Cansel.

We get to experience Kristina Menissov as she weaves through this piece with inimitable croons and buttery cadences that edge this song into the realm of hip-hop. Although remaining mainly in the pop genre, there's a myriad of sounds that we get to journey through as Kristina Menissov brilliantly conveys "Crown."

Honing in on the signature trademarks that make her sound uniquely hers, the multilingual performance comes at us holding a mainstream appeal. With instrumentation that revels in the cultural fashion of Middle-Eastern sounds, we hear how she adapts to a beat that doesn't typically fall into the cookie-cutter standards set in pop music.

The variety in melodies that are propelled in "Crown" shows us the range that Kristina Menissov portrays, all while dialing in on her lyrical motifs in a playful manner. Be sure to listen to "Crown" on all streaming platforms and take in all that is a refreshing take on music today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kristina Menissov! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Crown." We love the unique approach you and Cansel take towards this track. What was it like working together, and how did this collaboration come to be?

I am so excited to share how it all happened with you guys. I and Cansel are both from Eurasia, she is from Turkey and I was raised in Kazakhstan. So of course where we met we had so much to talk about. That’s how we found that we both love music and both of us are recording artists. It was only natural for us to write something to share our culture with the culture where we live now. Was there anyone else helping you two achieve this vision? If so, what role did they play?

Our music producer Andrew Lane sat with us in the studios, made the most amazing beat, learned our culture, helped us with lyrics, and worked days and nights just so we achieve the result that satisfies us both. It is a blessing to work with such a talented person as him. I personally learn so much from every session with him. How long did it take for "Crown" to be created and released?

It took 6 months, mostly because of me. Cansel recorded her part in the very first month. And I kept criticizing everything about mine. Thank you to Cansel and Andrew for being so patient with me. What differences does it have compared to your debut single release?

It’s very juicy, a little sexy, still with a little note of sarcasm the way I love and with those colorful middle eastern motives. In your own words, what does "Crown" mean to you? What do you hope that your audience can take away from it?

Crown is about introducing ourselves and tongue in cheek about how men here think we middle eastern women should be and that we are actually very different so maybe it’s better not to play with us. What's next for you?

I am working on a completely different single named Her Story with Tamara Kumbula, we will be releasing it in February to honor Black History Month. Kristina Menissov @kristinamenissov CANSEL @canselkorduk Photographer: Jason Rivera @jayrivphoto


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