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Feel Your "Emociones" With Cinthia Rivas

Massachusetts-born Cinthia Rivas is beginning her journey as an up-and-coming artist breaking into the 2021 music scene. She first started to express her talent for singing at the young age of 3-years old, growing up in a family that embraced creative expression.

She would continue this expression through the years with the church choir, vocal lessons, and an undeniable passion for music that would shine through her downtime. However, it wouldn’t be until 2021, where she teamed up with Boston Based Record Label Lit Honey Productions to produce her soulful blend of Pop, Hip-hop, and R&b textures.

Captivating listeners with a myriad of these sonic elements found in her latest release, “Emociones,” Cinthia Rivas brings forth a radiant warmth that you can’t deny. As we embrace the plethora of nostalgia pouring in from a reminiscent soundscape, we hear Cinthia Rivas crooning delicate Spanish lyrics that melt into the composition.

Her reverberated timbres are met with an undeniable amount of emotion that transports us to the beauty that is “Emociones.” With the static element that is incorporated into the production quality, we get a sizzling sense of intimacy that adds a unified edge to the polished quintessence of this record. As the instrumentation dances upon your mind, you have no choice but to submit to the elusiveness that naturally fits this sonic venture. Hearing Cinthia Rivas’ musical inspirations of H.E.R., Jhene Aiko, and Doja Cat speak into her creations.

She manages to pull pieces of influential material from these artists while creating a sound that is a signature to who she is as a creator. Amplifying our sound waves in the best way possible, the Lo-fi essence of “Emociones” heightens our senses and releases us into a euphoric bliss that we’ll gladly own up to.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cinthia Rivas. Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Emociones." We adore the intimate wave of vulnerability that comes flooding through our speakers. Do you always create songs with such expressive lyrics?

Thank you. I get my lyrics through inspiration from what I experienced in my life. I try to do my best in making sure that the listeners can relate to them, feel what I feel in that moment.

Was there a moment or story that inspired the creation of this song? Could you please give us some insight into how this brought "Emociones" to life?

Yes. I have been having some rough times with my emotions- with my self-esteem and my ups and downs, but I can't give up on myself. I need to work on them, look on the brighter side. That's is what the song is about.

What has it been like working with Lit Honey Productions? How did this union come to be?

It's been an amazing experience for me. Dan and Viktoria with LHP are always helpful and kind; since it's my first time, they give me advice in making better music. It was always my dream to sing, perform, and make music, and so I decided to look for someone who could help me accomplish it. I began to search online and came across Lit Honey Productions, and I was able to talk to Dan on the phone about what I would like to accomplish, and from then on, they have been and continue to be a blessing.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you make sure that's grasped through every piece of music that you create?

Music is a window to expressing who you are, to feel, to express love, and to be true to yourself.

What's next for you?

To make sure it's grasped in my music, by having the beat/instrumental go with the feeling that I'm trying to portray as well as the lyrics.


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