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Feel Your Heart Flutter with KDVSGOLIATH's Single, "SAD"

The Ethiopia-born West London-hailing recording artist and singer-songwriter KDVSGOLIATH opens his heart in a new emotional single, "SAD."

Rapidly growing as a hot-commodity in the UK, KDVSGOLIATH and his heavy 808-laden beats have become a force to be reckoned with. Not afraid to forge his own path, KDVSGOLIATH promises to steer away from mainstream sounds and sweep listeners off their feet with his dynamic bars and instrumental soundscapes.

Soaking us in boundless emotion with his latest single, "SAD," KDVSGOLIATH can he beard singing his heart out alongside a stunning blend of pop-punk, emo-rap, and alternative rock. Produced by SEAN T, KDVSGOLIATH's latest single truly moves mountains, internally and externally.

Diving into the single, "SAD," the track begins with a sweet electric guitar melody that leads us into the first verse. As KDVSGOLIATH makes his warm and emotional vocal appearance, the song's instrumentation starts to develop with help from a bright trumpet, mid-tempo drum breaks, and a savory guitar melody.

Expanding on KDVSGOLIATH's bars and lyricism, he tells the story of a young man getting his way in a relationship. Creating this song a few days after meeting his first girlfriend, KDVSGOLIATH delivers a bounty of reflection into this single while elaborating on how he became clouded with thoughts of losing her one day. We truly adore the relatable theme of this single, as it's all too common to get in your head and question whether you're enough for someone else.

Find a piece of your heart within KDVSGOLIATH's recent single, "SAD," now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.



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