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"Feelin," the Fire With Fobiah's Gritty Rap Single

It's not often we get to witness an incomparable climb of pace from South London's own Fobiah. A rap/hip-hop phenom that started his artistry in graffiti, Fobiah shows no reluctance and pure intensity as he makes his mark on the map. While beginning his ascent in 2008, his first projects were released in 2012/2013. A natural poet, listeners can immediately identify the lyrical potency and creative magnitude Fobiah boasts.

The intro highlighted by a soft flute and steady ambiance draws you into a verse that steadily grasps the power and weight of a song possessing swagger and a visceral message. As the audience indulges in Fobiah's hit track "Feelin" an overwhelming sense of affinity for the gravity of emotion and vulnerability illustrated in the writing is undeniably felt.

The significance of the expression heard is a welcomed apprehension and, as the song progresses, an increasingly relatable venture of detail grows. The evident struggle through darker days in combination with the manifested optimism portrayed in the lyrics gives the listener a vibrant perception of Fobiah's voyage through life. A voyage that has offered a renewed sense of purpose, belonging, and mental fortitude.

From dreams of being a pilot to manning the cockpit of his very own remarkable rendition, Fobiah shows discernable promise to keep the temperature high, and audiences everywhere elated and engaged.

First off, welcome to BuzzMusic Fobiah, and thank you for sharing your hit track "Feelin" with us. What is the main message you're hoping audiences take from the song? First of all, thank you for giving me the time. That I appreciate. Boy, the main message that I hope listeners can take from it? I didn't write the track with the intent of people listening to get a message from it. I wrote the track as a means to express my hurt and how it shaped me from it. How I chose to let it guide me, rather than let it consume me to the point that I could sabotage myself. Just to stop, analyze, process and move forward being able to watch out from being hurt like that again. If any message I hope people can take from it it's to not allow the hurt to consume you, but to help you be aware of it and to have that hindsight.

Can you walk us through some of the steps in production you took in bringing this project together? I was listening to instrumentals on YouTube and came across "NVM" which is what the beat is called for "Feelin'". I let it play for a bit, then when the beat dropped, I paused my shit and just started bopping my head, instantly felt the track and began writing random lyrics in my head, just fully felt it. About a week later while on my way to work, I was at a station, waiting for my delayed train to arrive and just came up with lyrics and wanted to see if they fit the beat, it did and so I started a writing session while waiting for my train. I believe I wrote 5% at that time, then later in the week wrote up to half while walking. A week after that I finished it.

It's not a long track by any means, but I take time with my writing. I like to make sure what I'm saying holds substance, truth, and skill. When I was happy with edits, hit the studio and banged it out. Originally, I was gonna sing at the end, but my friend Zion told me it needs a real singer on it (I can't sing well) so I asked my friend if she'd be down and she was. She came and laid the last part down and it was complete.

How has South London impacted your music and is there anyone specifically that you draw influence and inspiration from?

Rah, the dirty South. I believe just taking pride that this is where I live, more specifically Croydon. Just proud of what we have and what we've done. When it comes to rap, south London rappers hold a unique sense of skill, which I'm still learning from. I got to. As for inspiration wise, I never grew up on UK Hip-Hop, I didn't even know it existed at that time. Partly because my mum banged out old skool Hip-Hop with the current at that time.

My influences are from there. Tupac, De La Soul, Onyx, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, K.R.S One, Rakim and Eric B, Chamillionaire, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole. I believe that's it. Can fans expect to hear more of your great sound in the near future?

Absolutely. You mad? Nah man I can't stop. I won't stop. This is my enjoyment right here. This is my love, my passion (apart from acting). I'm cooking at the moment, making a bigger project for this year. It's almost finished actually. Just need to make sure I'm happy with it before I finish it and put it out. The beginning of professional projects.

What's next for you?

Next? Next is the project I just mentioned and then lay out a plan for this year and the coming years. A friend of mine set up a road map for last year and I'm gonna continue doing that for myself. I gotta get my mindset and locked into that way of thinking so that I can hit the targets. That forward way of thinking. Just like a business would have, it's very vital to have one for yourself. A road map for you.


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