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Feeling “Dumb Out of Luck?" Let It Out With Falky’s New Single

Coming in hot from New York is a solo artist turned dynamic punk rock band Falky with their first release as a group entitled "Dumb Out of Luck."

After three to four years of making and releasing solo music, Falky is happy to present us with the band's first official single. The New York-based group is ready to steamroll the independent music scene with sounds from chill pop to blazing pop-punk. They strive to be as diverse artists as possible, and that sentiment is evident in their upcoming EP.

Now releasing one of the most anthemic tracks we've heard from an indie act, "Dumb Out of Luck," this sweltering pop-punk banger scorches the speakers in thrilling instrumentals alongside Falky's expressive and high-energy vocal performance that leaves the listener chanting by his side.

This exhilarating new track kicks off with snappy punk snares that leap into the high-energy verse with Falky's passionate vocals and the band's tightly-knit instrumentals. The song's gleaming hook brings all the power, angst, and feel-good expression of prime pop-punk acts of the past, while Falky keeps the listeners locked in with contemporary twists and turns.

Falky's raspy and attention-commanding vocals are captivating, and his accompanying instrumentals, like the spirited and plucky electric guitar, maintain the energy for one hell of a listening experience. The chant-worthy bridge leaves us banging our heads towards the outro while Falky closes the track with contagious energy. We can only imagine the madness of seeing Falky perform this song live.

When things aren't going as planned, don't sweat it; let it all out with help from Falky's fiery new single, "Dumb Out of Luck," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Falky. We can't get enough of the contagious energy and passion in your new single, "Dumb Out of Luck." What inspired your group to create a song with so much pent-up emotion?

I wrote "Dumb Out of Luck" as a Junior in college when I was going through a streak of, for lack of a better term, unluckiness. Even though I felt ok mentally at the time, it was like nothing I was doing through this streak was working. In other words, I was in this dissatisfying slump that I had no clue how to get out of! The song is about that try-fail cycle that hits everyone every once in a while. The thing with "Dumb Out of Luck," though, is that it was written and shelved for a few months before anything came of it. The only reason the song exists now is that at some point, I showed an extremely musically inclined friend (and the now another half of Falky) named Rufus the demo. He decided to take it on as a producer, encouraging me to un-shelf it. He called it a "million-dollar song." After working on Dumb Out of Luck together, we decided we were a good team, and that's how Falky became more than a solo act.

How does "Dumb Out of Luck" help listeners better understand your band's sound? How does this song represent your group?

"Dumb Out of Luck," while you wouldn't know it yet, is a testament to our diverse skillset. Before working on "Dumb Out of Luck," I was writing to any genre I could get my hands on, and partnering up with Rufus only expanded the options. As that yearning to try out new sounds evolved, it became less sloppy, and more of us simply not being scared of trying out new sounds. We're fully open to taking songs in directions we've never explored because, at the end of the day, what's the point of releasing music if you aren't having fun making it? Speaking of, that "fun" sound is a big part of our music and is something you can expect to continue hearing as we release more.

Should we expect to hear "Dumb Out of Luck" on your upcoming EP? Could you drop any hints about the project?

You can definitely expect to hear "Dumb Out of Luck" on the EP! I can't say too much, as I have a habit of oversharing about future projects, but what I can say is that this EP will continue to showcase our ability to work with multiple genres and that we're extremely excited to release the next single. The song I'm most excited about personally is called Bittersweet, and if you want a sneak peek at that one, our first live performance of the song is on Youtube! If you asked Rufus what song he was most looking forward to, though, he'd probably nod to a song we're working on called "WHERE DO WE GO."

What's next for you?

The music we're making behind the scenes is reaching a point where to make it work, I need to level up my vocals, so if we're talking specifics here, what's next for me are some vocal lessons. If we're generally talking, though, my plan is to keep releasing music! Making "Dumb Out of Luck" as well as the other songs we plan on releasing have been, on one hand, extremely stressful, but my time working on these songs has also been the most fun I've had making music since I first started four years ago! As long as that fire is there, I want to push the limits of my creativity and our ability to put out music that everyone who listens can enjoy.


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