Feeling Jazzy With It? Hannah Baiardi Sure Is In, "How Do You Want Your Love"

Pushing the frugal limits of jazz-based sound is pianist, singer, and songwriter Hannah Baiardi. Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Hannah Baiardi usually gives her audience a serene taste of gentle jazz harmonics with honest lyricism, often packing a real emotional punch.

The recording artist has recently released music that expands the very boundaries of her own sound. How does she do this, you ask? Hannah Baiardi brings an even more sophisticated and luscious tonality to her recent songs, hoping that it can inspire curative elements in its listeners and transpire spirituality.

"How Do You Want Your Love," the latest song from Hannah Baiardi, was paired with a music video release that depicts the more visual side of her artistry. Immediately listeners are gifted

with smooth vocal tonalities that are able to establish a real velvety consistency to the song. "How Do You Want Your Love" contains subtle and soft piano melodies that perfectly wrap around her voice, like the softest, plushest blanket of sound.

It's quite difficult to miss the fusion of jazz, and indie/pop that Hannah Baiardi creates in "How Do You Want Your Love." She expresses curative and spiritual elements through the persistent yet subtle jazz-like instrumentations, but we think that the real bliss arises from the soothing cloud of tranquility that gets delivered with the voice of Hannah Baiardi. And, with

this tranquility comes to a mindless swaying to the peaceful, syncopated rhythms that progressively ensue as one continues through her song.

Along with "How Do You Want Your Love" came a music video from Hannah Baiardi, and it showcased the perfect kind of visuals for the atmosphere the song creates. That tranquil body of the song's harmonies gets naturally embedded into an ambiguous visual narrative worth picking apart. We like to think that the "How Do You Want Your Love" music video gives a nice close-up of the musical soul of Hannah Baiardi. And with that, we strongly suggest you take a listen to this jazz-inspired pop artist who wants to share a genuine listening experience with her audience.

Welcome, Hannah Baiardi, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. What kind of experience did you have immediately finishing your song, "How Do You Want Your Love" and its music video?

I created a music video for “How Do You Want Your Love” to empower and uplift anyone feeling lonely, isolated, and longing for intimacy through the pandemic. While many of us feel isolated or disconnected from others, we still can choose to be intimate and vulnerable with ourselves, using compassion and softness. I put a spotlight on unleashing the raw sensuality that lives within each other us as a way to connect.

What sort of takeaway were you thinking the majority of your audience would have upon listening to your latest song and its accompanying video?

“How Do You Want Your Love” cherishes the aliveness and beauty of sensuality, regardless of how it is performed - it begins within us. Our tenderness springs from inside and heals us. It is a primal life force and that is what I am celebrating.

As an artist who is open about the inspirations of jazz music, can you describe the internal feeling you have while listening to and creating jazz-based music?

Inside, it feels like serenity. I would describe the feeling as warmth and radiance emanating from my heart chakra space. This is the effect creating has on me, especially when steeped in the sensitivity and richness of jazz/soul harmonies.

Were there any challenges you experienced when constructing "How Do You Want Your Love?”

Yes, it remained a constant challenge to stay open and vulnerable and to quiet the inner critic. I have a rather noisy one, so that’s always fun to try and tame. It was a delicate dance of creation, a stepping into my feminine energy of abundance of sacred sexuality whilst maintaining a judgment-free headspace.

What's next for you?

Much! On my music bucket list are creating an instrumental piano album, composing more original music, and facilitating future collaborations with songwriters and producers with a global flare.