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Feeling Like Money Brought You Fake Friends? Young Trap Has a Story to Tell

Young Trap is a rapper whose music comes from the same roots as the dirty-south legends. Since the start of his career, he has gained over 2 million views on Youtube, released his first debut album and has traveled to the icon North American music cities to work on various records. Young Trap recently released his second album 'Betrayed' and off of it is the smashing uptempo new single "Friends".

This record features a deep thundering 808 drum kit, characterful vibraphones, quirky bouncing synths, and a dynamic honest vocal performance that is full of attitude and style. The record opens up with the main drum and synth groove and then transitions into a bouncy tension when Young Trap's voice enters and delivers awe-inspiring lyricism and perfectly executed flow that pulls you in with its deep storytelling and exciting splashes of adlib. The main hook of the record is one that speaks honestly of how money can control people's feelings but delivers the message in an incredibly laidback almost sassy way that you'll be able to still vibe out and have a good time listening to. From the exciting instrumental to Young Trap's explosive performance we can't wait to listen to the rest of the 'Betrayed' album.

Hello, Young Trap! Welcome to BuzzMusic! The single "Friends" off your newest album is definitely a bop, what was the initial thought process like for this record? Was there a hook or rhythm that inspired you?

The producer sent me the beat with the hook vocals already on it. I was creating an album called “Betrayed” so this song really hit home. I have been backstabbed by friends and family my whole life so I wanted to talk about it.  You have definitely been in some of the key music cities of North America, what were your experiences in each of them like? Were there any interesting stories that happened? I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Memphis, TN when I was 4. I lived my whole life there. I was getting into some legal trouble and needed a fresh start so I moved to Atlanta, GA. I lived there for 7 years. Atlanta was a lot of fun and that’s where I learned the music business. I moved back to Los Angeles 4 years ago. LA has been really good to me!

We love hearing the passion and emotion that you have in your rap and singing performances, do the lyrics connect with you on a personal level where you just had that passion in your delivery because of that?  This new album was created from experiences. Being used and taken advantage of is where the songs came from. My 1st single “Friends” is just another testimony of friendships gone bad.  In your latest 'Betrayed' album, is there a lyrical or storytelling theme that's shared across all of the songs? How do you think the music evolves from each song?

I think that every song on Betrayed shows a different example of how I was mistreated and backstabbed. The songs flow in a way where you can understand what I went through step by step. 



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