Feelz and Lena Luisa Are "Waiting For You"

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the DJ, and electronic producer Feelz pairs up with vocalist Lena Luisa for their lush and passionate new single, "Waiting For You."

The Nashville-based producer took his first steps in the music industry during his college years, playing DJ sets for many local clubs and bars. After gaining popularity and traction in his hometown, Feelz went on to perform alongside major-label musicians around the world like Waka Flocka Flame, Slander, and Allison Wonderland.

Recently releasing his passionate and chilling collaboration with vocalist Lena Luisa, their single, "Waiting For You," is nothing short of an electronic masterpiece. As the days of house, music begins to fade out, artists like Feelz are storming their way through the industry with uplifting, trance-inducing, and melodic approaches like his recent single to keep us on our toes.

Hitting play on "Waiting For You," the song gently opens with a melodic keyboard melody and an array of background pads that lift our spirits above this plane. As Lena Luisa's soothing and calming vocals begin to pour through, she takes us through her passion and devotion for someone special and how they're well worth the wait. As Feelz's upbeat drums begin to punch through, we make our way over to the drop.

Feelz's radiant and breathtaking drop is like a breath of fresh air; he sonically punches us with his powerful drums while ghostly vocal chops rain down from above alongside his chilling and bright synth arrangements. As we make our way to the outro, Luisa ups the experience with her lush vocals to end the song with the utmost passion and vibrance.

Get your dose of sonic bliss with Feelz and Lena Luisa's latest single, "Waiting For You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMuisc Feelz. We love the passion and vibrance of your latest single, "Waiting For You." What inspired you to create this heartfelt and moving piece?

I was looking to do a track that would really hit the international market. I was really into Kaivon and Illenium style music at that time. I listened to a lot of their live sets and wanted to bring my vibe and style into something similar to theirs. I came up with a basic idea then sent it to my co-producer. My co-producer Ronald Black really helped me put a polish on the song by playing the amazing piano live and giving my basic chord progression a one over to something a bit more complex. It made it more heartfelt and really brought the track together. What was your collaboration with Lena Luisa for "Waiting For You" like? Did you write the song's lyrics together, or did you leave that process up to Luisa? I reached out to her to see if she would like to be the singer of the song. She was interested and we set up a write-through zoom with the co-writer on the song Austin Hutchins. They knocked out all of the lyrics through zoom. Lena had a studio session recorded the stems and then sent them to me. Working through zoom makes things a bit harder but we got it done. Her living in Austria and me living in Los Angeles at the time was really not as bad as I thought it would be on the project. When people truly love what they do they make it happen no matter what. Could you take us through your creative process for "Waiting For You?" How did you begin navigating your way through the song's dense production?

Once we had the chord progression right, it was really about what we wanted the main elements of the song to be. We decided the vocal followed by the piano was going to be the two main elements of the track. From there, it was just about making sure our melody would get stuck in the listener's head. I feel like we did that really well on this track and I am very happy with the outcome.

Would you say that your music often falls under a particular sub-category of electronic music? Or do you consider yourself to be rather explorative and genre-defying? I would say my music would be considered pop-house to pop future bass if I had to put it in a category. I am honestly still trying to find my sound, and I am just really trying to find amazing singers that want to work. Any good vocals with relatable lyrics I can get a chance to work with. I am going to produce what I am feeling at that moment, my sound will come but right now I am just really trying to work with as many people as I can and put as much music out as I can