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Femi Has No “Doubt” About His Lyrical Ability In This Dope Single

Femi is an up and coming Canadian hip-hop artist. He effortless blends the sound of Toronto into his music and is swiftly becoming a household name in the hip-hop industry. Femi went from growing up in Toronto, to living in Calgary, to attending school in Newfoundland and includes all the different cultures of Canada into his music. 

Earlier this year Femi dropped “Doubt?” prod. NE1 beatz! From the offset that vocal tone and the relentless, entrancing rhythm of Femi’s vocal creates a sense of familiarity and welcome. It’s easy to see the skill and thought that goes into Femi’s bars and performance style. This project is a welcome addition from the artist Femi that consistently offers hit after hit and always with an alternative, creative flair! “Doubt?” is a song with a specific intention and sentiment within its story-line. Femi leads with this at every step, keeping his bars poetic and personal, reflective of a hard-working, driven creative. At the same time, the various sections throughout “Doubt?” showcase different types of flow, different rhythms, and lines of varying lengths. Whatever the moment, it’s entertaining, and the artist always finds the right way to present his best self and the details of his underlying concept.

Listen to “Doubt?” here and read more with Femi below! 


How long have you been involved in the music industry? How did you get first started?

I've been releasing my own music for about 3 years now, but I've been involved in it all my life. I stated playing drums in church when I was super young. I started making beats and writing music on garageband and then released those on SoundCloud. I moved to St.John's newfoundland and it just so happened that my classmate, Eddy Rumbsey was part of a duo called NE1 Beatz. He introduced me to Ben Noseworthy, (the greatest producer no one has ever heard of) and the three of us started creating. We dropped our first single "ICY' in 2017 and the journey took off from there. 

We love your song “Doubt”! What did you hope to achieve with this release? What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Glad to hear y'all liked it! Doubt? was the first single released off of my second project. When I went to create my first project I thought about how I could create a serious of projects that would reflect on the past year and my development as an artist in that year. The main idea behind Channel 2 was to showcase my growth as an artist and the confidence I was building as I was maturing. Doubt? perfectly captured that confidence as the hook states;

"nothing in doubt, this what I'm about Just letting you know yea I'm next, no I'm not asking tellin you so trust me I got it stack in this wallet just started off slow Corny ni**a’s I don't know callin me bro"

I thought my first project (Discovery Channel) would blow up but I was quickly humbled by the reality of the music industry. At the time I thought I had created the best music I could and the reaction to it was great from the listeners I had but it didn't blow me up to super-stardom like I had dreamt it would. I was feeling kind of down about it until I really started researching some of my favorite artists and realized that my expectations were crazy. It shocked me to find out that most artist put in a lot of years before they actually got to where they are. Overnight sensations typically don't last in the industry, if you got there quick then you can lose it quick because there's no core fan base. Its going to take me a lot of effort and a lot of time to get to where I want to be. Doubt? was me realizing that. I'm nice at what I do and if I put the work in there no reason to doubt I'll get where I want to be. 

This song really highlights your versatility as an artist. Will you be releasing a larger project in the near future?

Yep working on Ideas for Channel 3 and I plan on releasing a couple other projects with some features. 

How would you say your music now compares to the music you curated when you first started out at songwriting?

My music is way more developed I think. I feel like before some of my earlier ideas were underdeveloped and I didn’t really know how to create a complete record. There was always something that bothered me, it might have been the way I sounded on something or the way it was put together but now I’m able to write whole records and get at the parts that would have bothered me before. So right now if I’m dropping a song I feel entirely ok with how it sounds and I look forward to hearing them myself. 

We really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us! Do you have any shows or events coming up that you’d like to discuss?

I’m working on an appearance line and releasing some new music pretty soon.


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