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Feral Vices Strikes Us With Their Uproarious Single “Eat Me Alive”

Two-piece rock band Feral Vices brings a whole five-piece sound with their recent single "Eat Me Alive." Initially being created on accident after the fall of two different bands, Tyler Hoagland and Justin Cottner decided to create Feral Vices and make music that they'd want to listen to. With their latest single "Eat Me Alive," Feral Vices takes their broad sound and really hits home with driving rock instrumentals. Their music is infectious, bringing in crazy energy for a two-piece, similar to acts like Royal Blood and Death from Above 1979.

Opening with the plugging in of an electric guitar, we know that "Eat Me Alive" is about to become stronger and way louder. With piercing electric guitar riffs that open up the intro with precision, the track quickly moves into whopping drum patterns that smash down with power and poise. Just after the first chorus, we're incredibly impressed by Feral Vices' large and fierce sound for a two-piece band. Not to mention the high and intoxicating energy that Feral Vices exudes through each lyric, the storyline seems to surround toxic love and lies, not knowing if you're going to be eaten alive. "Eat Me Alive" takes us straight to the open highways with nothing but a fast car and a good sound system and Feral Vices' fine-tuned music.

Listen to "Eat Me Alive" here.



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