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FerarriLover Creates Magic With “Endless Seconds”

“Endless Seconds” , is an enchanting single from the bewitching FerarriLover. The ambient guitarist, Nico Wyland has composed a layer of elements in this unforgettable and magnetizing track. “Endless Seconds “was theatrical with an atmospheric vibe. The hazy and dream-like components of the song helped hypnotized its listener into a state of peace, serenity, and calmness. Here you have a 3 minute and 4-second masterpiece that will place you into a new dimension and stimulate your mental exploration.

“Endless Seconds” is a single of FerrariLover upcoming album titled “Exotic Legend”. FerrariLover hails from San Diego but has traveled the world over, deeply soaking up French, Italian and Eastern culture. Her music is characterized by ‘savoir-faire’—she often composes with film images in her mind, such as those of the new wave cinema which played in her home as a youngster. It’s almost evident that her strong sense of imagery is used in the fascinating production of her music. “Endless Seconds” was a song that completely stunned me. I felt as if I was able to intertwine myself with the music due to how connective it was without even needing vocals! FerrariLover is a unique individual with an intricate style of music that’s special and atypical from the rest. Her album “Exotic Legend” is set to release on August 23rd & we’re excited to hear the instrumental magic she creates!

Listen to “Endless Seconds” here


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