Ferris Pier Captures Our Attention With A Stellar Productional Execution In 'Lift Me Up'

Ferris Pier is a producer hailing from Los Angeles, CA! As a dance/pop producer, Ferris draws in modern and contemporary stylings, with timeless soundings, in order to curate innovative dance sounds. We have to mention how incredibly impressed we are with the agility and concentration Ferris Pier maintains—becoming a physician while simultaneously feeding his passion for electronic music! Ferris displays an important message for most music lovers: if you love something, you chase it! And Ferris did exactly such. We’re excited to feature Ferris’ new work, and we know the intense energy and passion he pours into his work will ultimately be showcased within the overall production! Ferris Pier’s most recent track: “Lift Me Up”! 

Ferris Pier’s recent release of “Lift Me Up” has a strong inspirational presence to it.

You feel completely uplifted by the melody and tempo of the track, and it’s surging with eccentric, intense energy. Ferris Pier’s choice of vocalism showcases such dynamic vocal range within the song and is able to successfully blend different vocal tones with the fast and upbeat rhythm. We recognize the pop elements that are heavily showcased in “Lift Me Up”, and we can definitely see this track making it on the Hot 100! “Lift Me Up” is that loveable pop track, and Ferris’s artistic abilities inevitably shine throughout the entirety of the song. Don’t forget to give “Lift Me Up” a listen to, and check below for details on Ferris Pier’s upcoming music!

Check out “Lift Me Up” here