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Fever Joy Brings A Vibe With “R.Y.W.B.”

With their second single, “R.Y.W.B.”, Fever Joy is standing at the gate of pop-rock excellence, ready to bang it down. It follows hot on the heels of their debut single “Shots,” which was produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd).

There is some truth to that line of thinking, considering the band was rounded out when Robitaille hit up an open mic in the O.C., down in SoCal. That’s where Sean Baker and Kevin Holm were recruited. There does seem to be a decent amount of meet to the lyrics, where she describes “walking between the lines,” for example. And the music itself is pretty forward, with just a touch of crunch to the guitars! The drums oscillate between organic and programmed-sounding.

If you mixed Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine, Hayley Williams of Paramore and Lyndsey Gunnulfsen of PVRIS, you get Fever Joy's new single “R.Y.W.B.”. The beauty of this music is that it doesn’t sound too contrived while still ticking a lot of boxes. It could be hipster indie music, it could be alt-rock radio music and it could even be considered pop music. And it sounds like this is who they want to be. This is a song to jam out to, a song you want to hear over the speakers in the coffee shop and a tune you want on your playlist! Bravo Fever Joy!

Listen to “R.Y.W.B.,” here and get to know a bit more about Fever Joy below! You can also catch Fever Joy live at SXSW March 13-16th!

I’ve been driving by the Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood almost every day, sometimes noticing the frenetic crowd swarming outside at night. What was it like playing there?

It was crazy. It was our first show and it’s such a legendary venue. Many of our idols have played there. Sean’s obsessed with classic rock and so being the same green room Jim Morrison (and so many others) were in was pretty surreal. In the end, we got such a positive and engaging reaction which was encouraging and affirming to the fact that people are liking what we are doing. 

It seems like you have a solid strategy for how you will cut through the noise of the rock industry… what is it?

So far it’s primarily been about making good music and building a solid team. Our manager has been a musician, and also works in branding/marketing which has helped a lot. He can have an objective voice and eye which sees and hears things we don’t always catch. Making plans and working really fucking hard is the other part. We plan out our goals for the year and do everything in our power to see them happen.

What do you feel you guys have in common?

Music, haha. That’s what attracted us to each other in the first place. Our sense of humors mix really well too. That’s like the two best things a friendship can have in our opinions. The same taste in music and humor. We’re all best friends now and have each other’s backs through all the shit we go through.

How do the songs go from an idea to reality… what’s the process?

It’s really collaborative. We’ll discuss what the feeling is going to be first. Kevin typically has all the chords in his head, and maps out the structure. Sean adds in the drum beat and I carry around my journal around wherever I go; writing throughout the day and bringing my ideas to the guys. They’ll usually help me formulate that into lyrics. 

Would you say you’re more about having a message or more about just rocking out?

It’s about the message first, but also fully, and passionately rocking out while giving the message to others. We want to put our feelings to music and trying to create a space where people can understand and connect to what we are saying. We want others to know that we feel their happiness and feel their pain too. I think that makes us all relate to each other on a different level.


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