Figures Delivers a Compelling Rap Track With the Release of "All Me"

Rap artist Figures is approaching the music scene with incredible tenacity. As a singer/songwriter, Figures crafts her sounding and lyric delivery in order to relate to listeners. Her vision is to deliver her sound and message to many while maintaining a smooth and cinematic style. Once listening to Figures, it was easy for our attention to be held, because of her forceful approach with vocal outflow. It's the aspect of her artistry that demands full attention as a listener, and once you're locked into listening, it's hard to break that translation. We're interested in Figures because her sound is both compelling and intense. We're loving it.  

Something we must note is seeing the potential Figures has as a female rap artist with her most recent release "All Me". Figures expands her artistic network through the release of this track, and invites listeners to listen to her craftings. Figures decided to go with a more underground rap style for "All Me". "All Me" is the type of track that maintains a fast-paced, smooth and aggressive sound throughout its entirety. Figures does not waiver at all when it comes to vocal delivery. Figures is confident and executes all of her verses with an impressive consistent flow. In essence, "All Me" is a hard-hitting rap track that tells a genuine story, beginning to end. We're adding Figures to our favorite underground Rap artist track list for sure. Give her a listen to below!

Discover the soundings of Figures here


Hey Figures! It's awesome we had a chance to talk with you about your recent music! How does it feel now that your recently curated track, "All Me", is finally released? It feels amazing to be able to lets the world hear my sound of music.

As a prolific rap artist, how do you gather inspiration in order to create your visions for music? I've Always listen to a great variety of legends so its easy for me as a pro writer to gather inspiration in create great music.

Do you have a specific process you go through in order to create, or does it flow naturally? Im a natural music is my life i was born to flow.

"All Me" felt impactful. We listened along and felt a clear story that's being shared with listeners. Do you find it a characteristic of your music that incorporates a story to be told to your listeners?


What do you think sets you apart from other female rappers in the music industry today? I am a rare find a sound of real music.

How do you think you've cultivated yourself contrastingly from other rappers? I am a lyrical lexicon a hip hop machine of music i can only speak what i feel is truth.

What's the next move for you artistically? I am working on mixtapes, books and also look forward to going on tour with some great artist.

Are you looking to writing and recording more tracks, or performing any of your tracks live? Absolutely i look forward to writing and recording more music also going on tour to share my music with others on this journey of life in the music industry.