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Find A Way To Out Of Your Bad “Habits” With You Me & The Dogs

Based out of Carrollton, Georgia, You Me & The Dogs is composed of the lead vocals of Drey and Ed Thrower on the keys.

Writing, producing, and recording all of their material, the band You Me & The Dogs formed to experiment with their sound and ultimately have fun. With two singles currently released, they're working on a forthcoming debut album.

Diving headfirst into their latest single, "Habits," the elevating pop soundscape produces a poignant atmosphere through the catchy melodies etched into this single. Stemmed from Drey's profound idea, the story of "Habits" takes us on a tour of authenticity, vulnerability, and bravery as we listen to this record from start to finish.

The ambiance instilled in the production elements has us grooving along to the vibrant tempo with every snare hit felt in our chest. Accompanied by lulling guitar riffs and distinctive synths and pads, this mesmerizing foundation acts as the perfect sonic bed upon Drey to lay her vocals. As she professes heartfelt croons that shed light on how we hide bad habits from those we love due to their control over us, we're awestruck by how the melancholic lyrics pair with more uplifting instrumentation.

Throughout "Habits," the pop-like genre in which we can classify this track continuously pushes the envelope into the electronic realm through powerful delay throws and grand musical progressions.

Drenched in soul, You Me & The Dogs excel at moving us as we breathe in every word shed. Listen to "Habits," out now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, You Me & The Dogs. We adore your latest single, "Habits," and its message. With the deep lyrics being detailed and moving, is this song based on a true story? Please shine a light on the moment or story behind it.

Thanks so much! We had such an amazing time creating this song. It’s based on two stories that Drey mashed up into one song! One part of the story is about someone feeling like they were never safe with anyone but themselves, and the other part comes from having to deal with the pressures of being young and everyone expecting perfection from you. This song really touches on how easy it can be to try and self-isolate instead of letting people who care about you in.

Being your second single released, how does it compare to the previously released "this love?

This song has a different vibe to it than “this love” our first single was created just out of our love for each other, and the second one was more of a deep dive into our personal issues. We’re still experimenting with finding our sound, so it’s been great not to be limited to one particular sub-genre.

We love how close you have connected since you're married. Do you find that music as an outlet strengthens your relationship with one another?

Absolutely! We connected over music from the beginning, and with Ed being such a magnificent pianist/engineer, it’s been wonderful having our ideas being brought to life here in our home studio. We definitely bond and have fun creating music together.

We're thrilled to hear you have a full-length project in the works. What can you tell us about the album you're currently working on?

We’ve wanted to do our album for years now and will definitely have some of our best storytelling yet. We’re hoping to release it within the next year!

What's next for You Me & The Dogs?

Next for us is gigging, working on our album, and continuing to release singles! We can’t wait to share more of our art with the world.


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