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Find Beauty In It All With, "damn i love the rain"

Singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and self-proclaimed sad kid, Gabriella Zauna has been writing music for as long as she can remember. She began producing at age 12, which she continues to do in her home studio.

Gabriella Zauna has synesthesia; which means her senses are intertwined and she associates each of her songs with its own color, number, texture, and shape. She uses her synesthesia to bring her music to life, stay honest with herself, and tell her stories.

This is exemplified through the color blue being an extremely integral part of her artistry and branding. She has always turned to music to express her deepest thoughts, and with the release of “damn I love the rain,” it is no exception as she tackles the overwhelming pain of loss and the journey to healing.

In this melancholic expression that brilliantly places the talents of Gabriella Zauna in a newfound dimension, we hear hues of vulnerability pour through a striking perspective.

Gabriella Zauna’s delicate timbres are layered with harmonious tones as she emphasizes the lyrical motifs that cascade over the acoustically driven instrumentation. With a minimalistic approach to the musicality woven through this piece, it allows us as listeners to fixate on the elusive and atmospheric charm that Gabriella Zauna brings through her intricately conveyed words.

It took a special moment for Gabriella Zauna to look at the rain in a different light. Depicting a confusing path of grievance that many can relate to through its varying stages, Gabriella Zauna drives home the principle of finding the splendor in the rain when it feels like the pain overpowers the beauty. The addition of space in this composition allows the intimate hums and melodies to act as an instrument through reverberated tenors and perfectly time delayed throws that don’t cast a shadow on what’s said but instead enhances the intensification in this striking arrangement of realization.

"damn i love the rain,” has us peeking into Gabriella Zauna’s kaleidoscope lens eagerly to gage where her headspace lies in the creative, yet cognizant offerings showcased in this heartfelt chronicle.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gabriella Zauna, and congratulations on the release of “damn i love the rain.” This piece truly hit home for us in various ways. You did a wonderful job at conveying your emotions. Could you please share a more in-depth look at what moment or story inspired this song?

Hello!! Aw, thank you! God, I don’t even know where to start, I wrote this song about a friendship I lost and how that friendship reminds me of the rain. Something this person and I would do was take walks in the rain whenever we were feeling sad. Before and during this friendship I looked at the rain as something colorful & beautiful but I now something colorless and painful. I take the listener down this path of reminiscing in something that reminded me of this friendship which was rain, and loving and hating being reminded of them at the same time.

Living with synesthesia, do you find it easy to collaborate with other artists or bounce ideas off others in a group setting? How often do those around see your vision the way you intend for it to be seen?

Honestly, I haven’t worked with other artists but with the producers I have worked with, it’s either been extremely easy or extremely difficult to bounce off of their ideas or for them to understand me. It really depends on how they interpret and see my vision in the way that I do. If they are taking a song in a direction that doesn’t correspond with my synesthesia it can be hard for me to collaborate in that way. I hope that people around me can see what I see and understand the concepts I have in my brain and the feelings I want to convey.

From the time you spent creating this song to this present moment, how have you found yourself growing as both an artist and an individual?

When I look back to when I first wrote this song, the loss was so fresh that I wasn’t in the right headspace to deal with any of it. So really creating it as a whole has forced me to deal with those emotions that I didn't deal with before because of how painful and fresh that wound was. Since I was able to better process the situation through creating the song, I’ve grown not only as an artist but as an individual too because I’ve been able to feel those emotions that I wouldn’t allow myself to feel before.

What are you hoping that your audience grasps from the messaging in “damn i love the rain?"

I hope that whoever ends up with this song in their hands is able to enter my head for the 4 minutes that the song is and experience it not as if they were me, but as if they were using my brain as a lens for them to relate their personal experiences too.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’ve been working on so much new music and it’s feeling the most me that it’s felt ever in the time of me being an artist. I'm going to be putting out an EP sometime towards the end of the year and cannot even emphasize how excited I am to get it out there. I just can’t wait for people to not only see my brain and the whacky shit it comes up with but also as an artist and as a person.



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