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Find Light In The Darkness With Traumatone’s Fourth EP, 'Judgement'

Shedding a light of hope in the darkest days is multi-instrumentalist and concept project Traumatone with their fourth rollercoaster of an EP entitled Judgement.

Traumatone, brought to life by the talented musician and recording artist Jesse Broniste, is quickly proving itself as a force in the modern independent music scene. Their instantly recognizable, hard-hitting sound comes with significant meaning: they strive to reach into the darkest corners of your mind and bring hope to your journey, wherever you might be.

Often referred to as The Soundtrack To The Broken World, Traumatone recently released their newest 5-track EP, Judgement. It's a dynamic project that sees the heaviest of Traumatone and the most melodic, with tracks that vary in sound and style while remaining utterly cohesive with the theme of navigating life, love, death, and rebirth.

Jumping headfirst into the EP, we're met with the intro track, "Enemy," instantly scorching the speakers with a hellish industrial rock instrumental that kicks off the project with authority. Broniste's muffled vocals peak on the hook with power and emotion, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats with conceptual, thematic lyrics of facing your enemy head-on. It's a killer intro track that perfectly sets the tone for Judgement.

Sinking into a grungy sound is track number two, "What I Love," opening with drowned-out guitars and Broniste's watery, fluid vocals. With a mid-tempo pace and a more emotional feel, it doesn't take long for Traumatone to blast off with wicked, piercing instrumentals that perfectly showcase the song's depth, power, and emotion. This dynamic piece feels like navigating a tumultuous relationship: peace at one minute and a fiery hellscape the next.

Onto the EP's third track and the halfway point, "Moonlight," Traumatone continues the emotional, mid-tempo vibe with eerie melodies and heavy percussion. At the same time, Broniste expresses how, in the darkest of nights, he's unafraid to venture into the moonlight to find another wayward soul traveling a similar journey. The heavy guitar riffs and ghostly background vocals perfectly round out this haunting song.

Reaching an even more haunting atmosphere with the fourth track, "Death of Me," kicks off with heavenly background vocals and a chilling electric guitar solo. As Traumatone leans more into the acoustic guitar sound with light percussion, the song expands with Broniste's emotive vocal performance. He passionately touches on his undying love for someone dear, even though that weakness might be his death—adding a deeper edge to the EP.

Landing on the project's fifth and final track, "The Warning," we're met with a powerful semi-industrial instrumental that leans heavy on the electronics with heavy synth bursts and eerie melodies. While the hook pummels our speakers with Broniste's muffled vocals and epic production, Traumatone closes the EP on a high note with what might be the project's heaviest, most dynamic track. With chant-worthy lyrics and a cinematic ending, this was the perfect outro track for a significant collection of songs.

Ready to ride this rollercoaster? Embrace the emotional, stimulating journey with Traumatone's fourth EP, Judgement, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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