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Find Safety and Security in Josh Kroehn's Dynamic Single, "Don't Mind Me"

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, the Artist, and Singer/Songwriter Josh Kroehn releases an authentic and highly relatable single for introverts everywhere with, "Don't Mind Me."

Fresh off the release of his debut album 'State of Devotion,' the project is said to tell the tales of Josh Kroehn's past decade while dealing with personal despair and tragedy. It's easy to be swooned by the likes of Josh Kroehn, as his honest lyricism, delicate delivery, and highly unique guitar techniques offer listeners a slice of authenticity.

With a favorite single off the project titled, "Don't Mind Me," listeners can hear a more introspective Josh Kroehn as he sings his lyricism of feeling alienated in the crowd and amid social situations. With brilliant Alt-Rock instrumentals, especially through his dynamic and intriguing electric guitar performance, the song offers an instantaneous sense of warmth and comfort.

"Don't Mind Me" begins with an upbeat drum kick and Josh Kroehn's grungy and filtered electric guitar, delivering melodies that shape the song's reflective and deep tone. As he begins singing to us about how we shouldn't pay him mind while he lives his life, we begin to recognize the lyrical message of living as an introvert in an extroverted world.

The song's instrumentals offer this dream-like state alongside the airy percussion kicks and spacey electric guitar. Just when we thought the track is over, Josh Kroehn changes the tempo and begins singing in a more delicate tone. All while he offers a sweet and serene two-minute electric guitar solo to end the song, we couldn't be more impressed with the depth and authenticity Josh Kroehn has brought to the table.

We're highly appreciative of such a conceptual and unique single like "Don't Mind Me," as JoshKroehn sings to and for introverts everywhere who have their minds running on end.


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