Find That Sweet “Release,” With Taumatone’s Newest Single

The energetic, all-encompassing rock group Traumatone has just recently released “Restraint,” a fire track from their new album, 'Hereafter.'

From Phoenix, Arizona, Traumatone was founded by the talented Jesse Broniste, a multi-instrumentalist. Traumatone’s music is compelling and strong, exploring complex and hard-hitting topics and bringing a sense of belonging to all who listen.

Traumatone’s new track, “Restraint,” starts off fast and forceful, sucking you right in from the very beginning. With dominant, irresistible guitar and dark, powerful vocals, “Restraint” comes on strong, with just the right amount of angst.

Immediately, “Restraint” overwhelms you with a prevailing guitar that carries you throughout the whole song. Their classic rock vocals are nostalgic yet refreshing, not overshadowing the instruments that are the integral background for the song. Traumatone’s potent lyrics describe the feeling of a prison, being held back, and the building of a storm. Knowing that holding everything back will lead to a dangerous “Restraint.”

The passion is apparent in the vocals, leaving you hanging on to every word. Traumatone sings “Who knows the coming pain if I choose to rid myself of all restraint”, sending chills down the spine of any listener.

A slight slow down in the bridge builds incredible tension, which is finally released in one final, assertive chorus, reaffirming Traumatone’s powerful vocals. You won’t be prepared for the end when the last note hits. “Restraint” is a fascinating and exhilarating sneak-peek into Traumatone’s album 'Hereafter.'

You’ll want to get lost forever in the superb guitar riffs of “Restraint” by Traumatone, out now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Traumatone, and congratulations on your latest hit, “Restraint.” How did Traumatone come up with the concept of “Restraint?"

Lyrically, I needed something to match the aggression and rising tension of the music. It immediately explodes out of the gate and then takes a moment to breathe in the middle, so it needs something to match the flow. I have a tattoo on my shoulder that I always tell people represents restraint. Holding back things like anger, harsh words, negative reactions, and whatever emotions drive people to do and say terrible things. That doesn't mean it's not there or that it's not a struggle. I felt that was a good fit and probably something a lot of people could relate to. But the key to the song is that it is being held back. Which I think makes it stand out from most songs of that nature.

How does “Restraint” compare to the other songs on your album Hereafter?' Why did you choose to share “Restraint” as a single?

"Restraint" is definitely the hardest-hitting song of the bunch—actually, one of the heaviest and fastest-paced songs in the catalog. After having not released an album or EP of any sort for a number of years, it was important to come back strong. This song is an immediate attention grabber and has gotten a lot of great responses, so it was picked to take the lead.

How has Traumatone grown as a group since you first started making music?

Well, the biggest recent change is that Traumatone is now a live band rather than just myself making and putting out music! It's been exciting to finally take the music to the stage after so many years and do it with an awesome group of guys!

How do you see “Restraint” and the other songs on 'Hereafter' in comparison to your first albums?

I'd say the biggest difference with this particular release is that there are personal lyrics. In the past, lyrics always took an approach or maybe a point of view of something someone else was going through, or fictional situations, commentary, or an outward message. This batch of music came together during a tumultuous time, and the lyrics on all but one song wound up being personal. I'm typically a very private person. I don't like giving people a window into my life. But I felt maybe this time around. People might be able to relate more. Touching lives is what it's all about anyway.

What are the main inspirations for Traumatone’s music? Are there any artists that you feel heavily influence your style?

I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love all kinds. There aren't a lot of bands that the music purposely draws from. But I am very big on heavy, hard-hitting music that is simultaneously very melodic. I could name several bands that do this amazingly. But whenever I'm asked, I tend to compare the Traumatone sound to a mix of Rammstein/Deftones/Korn... I guess?

What's next for you?

Immediate plans are to get these new songs worked into the live set and take some fresh music out to people. Hoping to have a music video or two done sometime this year. Other than that, just to take it as it comes.