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Find the Perfect "Antidote," with Leon Seti

Tuscan-residing Leon Seti has been a prolific artist, songwriter performer, and producer since making their debut in 2015. As an artist based between London and Italy, Leo Baldi has been able to capture the hearts and minds of audiences on both sides of the water.

The most recent release from Leon Seti resides in an acoustic Pop/Folk universe where we get to zone in on the intoxicating charisma of Leon Seti. “Antidote,” exudes a new dimension portrayed by the multifaceted artist that we can expect to see moving forward in the musical creations emitted to the ears of the public.

Collaborating with the talented sounds of Francis in order to perfectly capture the pacifying acoustic guitar strums, the emotionally gripping ballad that is, “Antidote,” has us swooning towards the warm embrace that Leon Seti radiates.

Created from a place of maudlin tenors, the striking lyrical delicacy that trickles into our hearts speaks on the struggle of apathy, and feeling stuck in life. Authentic with the grasp that Leon Seti extends, this intimate record has you fully engrossed in the empathy that overflows from the reverberated echoes of his vocalization.

By electing to go the route of closeness, and familiarity, the heartfelt timbres Leon Seti sheds has his fan base emotionally connecting to the slow-tempo of “Antidote,” which has us hanging on to our hopes and dreams for life. “Antidote,” is exactly what is needed to save us from our own false perceptions, and lure us back into the safety of our self-compassion.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Leon Seti, and congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “Antidote.” You touch on such an intimate subject in this track. What are you hoping to reiterate to your listeners in terms of the messaging and emotion felt?

"Antidote," is about stepping out of your comfort zone, letting go of all everyday worries and routines to chase your dreams and ambitions. I hope whoever listens to the song finds a little bit of hope in it.

What was it like working with Francis in order to achieve the sound in “Antidote?" How did the collaboration come to be?

Francis and I have known each other for a while, and even though we only met twice, we were always talking about writing together. During the first lockdown, while I was in Italy and he was in Germany, he just sent me a guitar melody, and in 20 minutes I had written the lyrics and recorded them. It felt very natural.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process that took place in order to create “Antidote?"

I wanted to write about my generation and the difficulty of finding a purpose in life. The melody Francis wrote reminded me of Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman, and that 90's alternative scene, which inspired me to write a melancholic yet hopeful song.

With this song paved the way for your future releases, how does it hold up in comparison to other songs that you have in your music catalog?

I think my songs are like photographs, they all represent a piece of my life. I can't answer your question because they are all different.

What would you like new fans to know about you and the music that you create?

I'm just a songwriter making music from the heart. My biggest dream is for some kid, one day, to find the same hope in my songs as I did with the music that saved me.

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