Find Your "Clarity," In The Della Kit's New Release

Raised by the hippies amongst the evergreens and mountain beds of British Columbia, jazz and neo-soul recording artist The Della Kit graces us with an ethereal new single, "clarity."

The Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, DJ, and voice teacher creates music with the intention of nourishing, soothing, and empowering the voices of her listeners. Inspired by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott, and Joni Mitchell, The Della Kit was able to carve her unique path of reflective, playful, and tender pieces while breaking bread and building a loyal family along the way.

The versatile recording artist just swept us off our feet with her transcendent new single, "clarity," which helps us understand The Della Kit's warm and jazzy stylings in the best way possible. What took us by surprise was The Della Kit's humble and genuine lyrics that are bound to channel the listener's spiritual side thanks to the entire rejuvenating listening experience.

Diving deeper into "clarity," this mesmerizing piece lushly opens with The Della Kit's soothing vocals alongside the jazzy and neo-soul instrumentals that send us off into bliss. It didn't take long for the Della Kit to take our breath away, especially as she softly expands on wondering whether a respectful, nourishing, empowering experience is falling in love or just creative chemistry.

It's no wonder why The Della Kit chose that name, as her performance stylings are just as delicate as they are alluring, pulling us in with each harmonious melody and descriptive lyric. It's funny how she sings of getting carried away with someone's love, as we've truly gotten carried away within the realm of this refreshing sonic masterpiece.

Get your "clarity" in the form of song with The Della Kit's latest chilling single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Della Kit. You've honestly swooned us with your ethereal and passionate new single, "clarity." What experiences inspired you to create this piece?

Thank you so much! Well, creative chemistry is something I have experienced since I began making music at the age of 16, so there have been many experiences that have influenced this song. But, essentially, "clarity" is capturing that magical feeling that comes between two creators when we are engaged in the "flow state" together. That place where time and the physical world no longer exist is profoundly spiritual and profound. There is so much magic that can happen there, and while creating and connecting in this way, it's often that lines get blurred when we feel so close through music.

Your lyrics in "clarity" are incredibly reflective and relatable. How long did it take to write out your thoughts as cohesive lyrics? What was that process like?

Oh, wonderful! The goal is always for my music to be reflective and relatable, which is why I create. My lyric writing process is very intuitive and natural. I start to sing and develop sounds over my composition or beat. I freestyle and improvise until I find ideas and melodies I like. Then I refine the story and what I want to say in the piece. For this tune, I called in my pal Jody Peck during the final editing process of the lyrics, and she sprinkled some beautiful inspiration on the imagery within the lyrics.

Do you feel "clarity" is a solid representation of your artistic growth?

I feel like I have grown so much through the process of creating my current body of work. I feel proud of it and can hear how I have evolved as a vocalist, an artist, a songwriter, and a composer.

Are you able to hear how far you've come when listening to your first songs vs. "clarity"?

Oh my goodness, yes, very much so! My first song compared to clarity shows me how much I have learned and grown over the years, yet it still carried that same intention, heart, and soul as the first song I wrote. Clarity fully encompasses what I want to feel and hear in the music I create.

What are your core values and beliefs as an artist? How do you want your music to impact new and loyal listeners?

I value connection and collaboration within the community. I believe that music is what brings us closer to ourselves, to each other, and to the higher powers. I have always known that I have a purpose in this lifetime and a gift to share with those around me. I carry a certain light and energy within my voice that I know I have to share. I have always worked really hard to keep my intention at the forefront of everything I create and do! It's my intention to uplift, inspire and empower my listeners in whatever ways I can. I hope that when folks listen to my music, they can feel a deeper sense of connection to themselves. I hope to bring a feeling of love to their in their mind, body, and spirits while inspiring them to connect deeper into the present moment.