Find Your Inner Power with Jacqueline Van Bierk's Single, "Unbreakable"

The European singer-songwriter, producer, and versatile pop artist Jacqueline Van Bierk pairs up with Meli Malavasi and Mischievous Miracles (Kayte Deioma) for their empowering single, "Unbreakable."

While her sound blends electro-pop, dance, and electronic, Jacqueline Van Bierk always seems to find a way to fuel her songs with edginess, darkness, and a sense of inner power. Also a television composer, you can hear the works of Jacqueline Van Bierk on hit shows like Catfish, Hemlock Grove, Bates Motel, Ink Master, Oprah, Dr. Oz., Discovery Channel, and more.

As we moved into 2021, Jacqueline Van Bierk promised to release a single each month, leading us to her powerhouse self-love anthem entitled "Unbreakable." With help from Meli Malavasi and Mischievous Miracles (Kayte Deioma,) the song has us stomping our feet to the savory mid-tempo and heavy beat.

As we begin listening to "Unbreakable," we're met with a powerful and gut-wrenching beat alongside chanting background vocals, leading us to the sweet sounds of Jacqueline Van Bierk. As she begins letting us into her inspiring journey through lyrics like "waves crashing over me but I'm not gonna drown," the song takes off into heat and blasts us towards the anthemic hook.

The song's instrumentation is relatively minimal, which gives it an incredibly authentic and powerful tone through the emphasis on the chanting background vocals and heavy mid-tempo kicks. With the main focus on Jacqueline Van Bierk's motivational lyricism, the song takes listeners into new and exciting adventures while keeping them inspired to move onward and upward.

Find Jacqueline Van Bierk's latest empowering single, "Unbreakable," on all streaming platforms, and find yourself locked into the song's intriguing and stimulating atmosphere.

Hello Jacqueline and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the power and dominance you portray within your recent single, "Unbreakable." What inspired you to write a song about overcoming life's trials and tribulations? I had been wanting to write a song like this for a while. When the three of us got selected in a writers camp to write a song we talked about what's going on in our lives and we all felt strongly about writing a song about empowerment and overcoming obstacles. While we were "jamming" the word Unbreakable jumped out, it was actually very organic. We all were going through things at the time and have a similar attitude and mindset.

What was it like collaborating with Meli Malavasi and Mischievous Miracles for "Unbreakable?” Which parts or aspects of the song did they create? We had never written before but we all hit it off right away. We wrote the first draft of lyrics and melody together at the camp and recorded Meli’s vocal parts and the gang vocals in my home studio in North Hollywood. We, later on, regrouped via zoom and tweaked a few things and I did the music production on it.

How does a song like "Unbreakable" suit the current times we're living in? What should your audience take from this single and apply to their own lives? No matter what happens in the outside world, when you cultivate a strong body and mind, you can become “unbreakable” and immune to all the noise and negativity that surrounds you. Most of us have survived many things, from broken hearts, failed businesses to health issues. When you focus on your strength you become stronger, you become a survivor. When the going get’s rough you keep going to see what it’s like on the other side. While we may not be able to control what's going on in the world, we can control our mind, our actions, and words. I hope this will be an Anthem for people to find strength, hope, and empowerment. I know it sounds so cliche but it’s true. We are capable of so much more than we think.

What pushed you to take on the creative endeavor of releasing a single each month? Is there a running theme within your releases this year? I’ve got so many unfinished projects, it’s frustrating and overwhelming seeing so many great songs sitting in my hard drives. At first, I was going for an album but figured a single month is very doable. And since I had done a lot of collaborations as well as a song a day challenges, I’ve got plenty of music to choose from. And as we know, consistency is the key, no one will ever work as hard for your success as you. It was time to step it up and hold myself accountable. I saw another incredible artist release a lot of music videos and got super inspired to step up my game. So I decided to make a music video for each song and I’m having a Blast, although it’s time-consuming, it’s something I truly enjoy and I hope my audience will appreciate it as well. I’ve been traveling a lot so it’s cool to record a video in different locations.

What's next for you? I let go of my apartment in LA as part of letting go of an old chapter. At the moment, the road is my home and I hope to incorporate that into live performances at some point. In the meantime, I have a couple of side projects in the works that I’m super excited about. The beautiful thing about doing what you love is that it never feels like work. I want to uplift and inspire people and save animals!