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Find Your Quarantine Buddy and Settle in For Jameel Mason’s Latest Release “Quarantine Mami"

Jameel Mason is a New Brunswick based Hip-Hop artist who has been channeling in his emotions into a rhyme-book that soon became the birth of his debut release “No Turning Back”, which has gained the attention of hip-hop icon Eminem.

Since beginning Jameel Mason’s career, he has released two critically acclaimed mix-tapes and continues to push the boundaries of what the genre is capable of. 

Jameel Mason recently released his brand new single “Quarantine Mami” and we are loving every moment of it. Keeping up with his signature flair of having a gritty but yet smooth vocal that is full of heartfelt lyricism, “Quarantine Mami” takes all of that and elevates it to new levels. We couldn’t help but feel at peace while listening to this one, Jameel Mason tells us about wanting to find that someone to spend quarantine with and that’s something that we feel a lot of people will be able to relate to.

Halfway through we were introduced to Alix Ford’s beautiful voice and were blown away from how well it complimented Jameel's more intimate performance. “Quarantine Mami” features a dance-hall-like drum beat, smooth but bitey synths that perfectly grasp for your attention, and then the awe-inspiring vocal performances from Jameel Mason and Alix Ford. We are thrilled about this release and cannot wait to hear what else is coming from Jameel Mason.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jameel Mason! Your latest release “Quarantine Mami” is full of vibes that a lot of people can relate to nowadays. How do you feel this song will relate to the mass majority of people? How does it relate to you?

We are living in unparalleled times, a global pandemic, this event is affecting all of us. I believe the message of the song is something we all can relate to - especially for the single people out there. I’ve been on a couple of quarantine dates hahaha

We’re loving the performance between you and Alix Ford! How did the two of you come to meet and what was it like to work together? How was the lyric writing split across the two of you?

Alix Ford is my little sister, met her in the studio years ago, she was in between classes and I need a singer for a song I was recording. The producer told me that she sings – so I invited into my session and we been tight ever since. The great thing about Alix is that I can give her an idea and she can run with it – so the collaboration was easy, she wrote her verse in 10 minutes in the studio. As for my verses, I bounced some thoughts and ideas off a female songwriter I know just to make sure I was capturing the feelings and emotions women are feeling during these times.

It must have been quite exciting to catch the attention of Eminem, how did you find out about that news? Did you ever think about missing our on your collegiate game to meet him?

Oh man, that happened years ago – that was kind of a viral moment. I released a music video on YouTube and the views/numbers did well (100k in a week). An A&R from Shady records reached out to me via email – I honestly thought it was fake. We exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone, he told me that Eminem would like to meet me but the date that he wanted to meet I had a collegiate basketball game – I chose to play in the b ball game instead.

Since releasing “No Turning Back”, how do you feel you have changed and grown as an artist? Do you ever look back at your own rhyme-book for inspiration?

Maturity, my music back then reflected a kid with no worries who just wanted to have fun and play basketball, since then life has happened, my music now reflects the growth and maturity which has taken place over the years – I like the pocket I am in now. Definitely, it's hilarious. I can see my own potential, also where I was limited. But the cool thing is the growth that I see in my rhyme schemes, my punchlines got stronger, hooks got tighter, lyrics more abstract. The pen never stopped moving.

What else can we expect from you for 2020?

The EP “Pine Hill” it's my best work to date – I can’t wait for y’all listen.



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