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Find Your Way With Redsix’s Music Video for “Yorkie”

Indonesian rock band, Redsix, brings music to your ears residing in the roots of punk, emo, and alternative rock. Aiming to contribute to the Indonesian and international music scene, they pride themselves on adding their myriad of influences to the forefront of their songwriting and compositions.

Bringing forth their latest sonic and visual pairing for the newly released single “Yorkie,” we get to take in the inspiring, cinematic feature for all that it’s worth. Filmed in Yogyakarta over the time span of a week, the bridging locations cover mass ground as they construct a dazzling piece with an influential message.

Recruiting the filmic stylings from Etanan Films, as well as the kindred support from local authorities, we embark on a journey that has us fixated on a man’s journey as he accepts loss in his life.

With a skewed perception from the view of the protagonist as he seeks out meaning on his mission, the white, glossy-eyed close-up of his wandering self has us realizing he may be more absent than we thought.

The brilliant use of slow motion, and bird’s eye view cinematography have us feasting on the impact that the visuals make in coalition with the music performed. As we transition to Redsix in triangular isolation in the wilderness, their performance is rather unforgettable. Through the amplification of the song's intensity changing over the course of the musical journey, we remain seeing the young man through ever-changing locations including Mt. Merapi, the famous Malioboro St, and beach locations at Parangkusumo and its surrounding areas.

Leaving us with a powerful message as the man realizes that has found the acceptance he’s been looking for as the day turns to dusk. We’re encouraging you to grasp onto the beauty that is “Yorkie.” Redsix has a vigor like no other, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

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