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Find Yourself Listening to A Crystal Clear Moment's, "Once Again"

The Stockholm-based pop group A Crystal Clear Moment releases a picturesque and memorable music video for their sweet single, "Once Again."

A Crystal Clear Moment has quite a repertoire under their belt, as guitarist Tobbe Fall has played with vast Swedish musicians while vocal starlet Harper Diaz continues to garner immense attention. Expanding on their recent album, 'Arms Remain Open,' A Crystal Clear Moment mentioned that "Once Again" is the most easy-going and lighthearted track of the album, which fits perfectly with the uplifting summer season.

Now releasing their vibrant music video for their single, "Once Again," the track itself offers an uplifting melodic tone similar to Sheryl Crowe or Shelby Lynne. Elaborating on the music video, the visuals were created by 376 films, which stars the content and lively Jeanett Espedal in her beachy element along Sweden's most notable shore, Tylösand.

Diving into the music video for "Once Again," the visuals opens with scenes of a nostalgic edit that slowly zooms into Jeanett Espedal dancing her woes away on the beach. As she holds up her hair, viewers can notice the song's title tattooed on the back of her neck as she playfully moves and grooves to A Crystal Clear Moment's smooth instrumentation.

We love the DIY feel of this music video, as Jeanett Espedal is seen in various outfit changes, making love to the camera she holds in front of her face, and washing her worries away with her bright smile. From catching waves to partying on the shore with a group of strangers, this video truly offers a passionate nod to the carefree summer season.

Allow A Crystal Clear Moment to remind you to seize each summer day with their latest music video for "Once Again," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc A Crystal Clear Moment. We adore the feel-good vibe of your recent music video for "Once Again." What inspired this beachy DIY atmosphere for the music video?

Rickard Abrahamsson: The song was written by my brother and I immediately said I wanted it for A CrystalClearMoment. It just had that beautiful feel-good vibe. We wanted the same feeling for the video, but if we had gone for a glossy, crisp video, it might have been cheesy, so we wanted a vintage Super 8 feeling. And Viktor Johnsson and his crew from 376 Films nailed it and even found and used a real vintage Super 8 camera.

It looks like you had quite the team to help you out when creating your music video for "Once Again." What was the overall shooting process like with the entire team?

Viktor and his 376 Films put together a team and cast Jeanett Espedal in the leading role. The team spent a few days on a famous beach on Sweden's west coast called Tylösand. In such a beautiful place the whole process became like one big family party. It was just so much fun for everyone involved that the creative process went easy.

What sort of feelings or emotions did you want to evoke in your audience through your passionate music video for "Once Again?"

We wanted to spread the love for the sun, the beach, and the carefree life of the summer. Sweden and Scandinavia have a long, dark, and cold winter, but the summer comes to lighten up our lives every three months every year. To Swedes, the summer is almost a religious experience. It's only dark for a few hours so the 22-hour flight is like the elixir that we live on through the whole rest of the year.

Could you tell us more about your recent album, 'Arms Remain Open,' and how "Once Again" fits into the concept and theme of the album?

The album is inspired by the albums we grew up with. That tells a story. Strong singles are necessary to complete tracks that play a different part than just setting aim for radio airtime. The album is a journey and Once Again is the exciting starting point. This project is all about finding inner peace and being true to yourself. But it's also inspired by people who leave their comfort zones behind and dare to reach for the stars. On the album's travel-like narrative there are human themes like doubt, heartache, and darker melancholy. Just like in life. It's darkness and light in a mix. Just like the traditional albums we love from the old days.

What's next?

We are working on the second album and we have a really great feeling about it. I actually dreamt of the title track. I heard Paul McCartney said that songs you dream are rarely any good. But 'Yesterday' was an exception. It was found in a dream but was just as great written down and recorded. So when I managed to pin down the song from my dream and really liked it I felt it was the perfect starting point for the next chapter! I will keep writing and we will enter the studio later this year.

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