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Fine In Lyricism and Rich In Delivery Envelope India Eboneé’s New Single “Luxury”

The enchanting songstress, India Eboneé, will never fail to display great charisma with her personified playlist for the human experience.

Growing up from a multi-cultural village, India Eboneé uses her life adolescent journey as fuel for her creative songwriting & storytelling music. She tends to leave her audience fulfilled with their own personal reflective story they can tell.

As personal fans of Neo-Soul & R&B, we were greatly impressed by the lavish single “Luxury” released by India Eboneé. The atmosphere of the instrumentation in Luxury combines the sexy, sultry element of R&B with this dreamsicle escape-like vibe of ambient music.

With a sprinkle of blues, India Eboneé places her listener into a trance with this hazy but rich elemental vibe. “Luxury” exudes a vibe of romanticism filling the listener's imagination of beds draped in red satin sheets adorned with rose petals and a fine class of Don Pierre on the bedside table.

An aspect of “Luxury” that we found to be highly enjoyable was the unpredictable factor in India Eboneé’s vocal delivery. Her soothing, relaxed vocal tone was able to carry a note for a smooth-sailing melodic tune but she shows dimensions to her artistry when she projects a rhythmic rap verse that balances between staccato and legato with tempo, floating beautifully on top of the beat.

India Eboneé also plays around with the production of her voice where she uses an intricate robotic effect on her vocals, adding the element of techno into this nomadic single.

The lyricism in “Luxury” was very descriptive. Placing the listener into this vivid storyline where every lyric India Eboneé states paint a crystal clear image in your mind. We loved the metaphorical representation of jewels and diamonds, possessions that we all love and long for, and the connection of comfort & love. India Ebonee is a dynamically strategic songwriter who uses her poetic and imaginative artistry to her advantage.

Listen to "Luxury" here.

Can you share how you make connections with your multicultural background and your detailed music? Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

Thanks for having me! I basically grew up all over the deep south, which is responsible for a lot of pioneering sounds in the soul and hip hop genres. The way I say things comes from that. In the south, we are really witty and have clever ways of telling stories. It comes off as funny, but 9/10 were serious, haha! Most of my inspiration is drawn from the music I began retaining from when I was a little girl. A lot of Lauryn, Fugees, Alicia Keys, classic funk/soul.. but also a lot of gritty, bass-heavy, gangster rap from Memphis, Louisana, and Texas. Depending on where I was at the time, it challenged me to create my own voice. 

Would you consider the lyricism in “Luxury” to be deeper in metaphorical meaning? What’s the story behind these lyrics?

Yes. The lyrics can still be taken at face value, however, when I say things like “ Laws of the world trippin', weight on my back till I’m finished,” I'm referring to not only the government and powers that be in America, but even the unjust doings of people in the middle east, Africa, and in Asian countries making it hard for the everyday person to survive or even have peace of mind. What most people want is to just have peace of mind and happiness, but in 2020 especially that can be considered a luxury! This song for me is just about getting to my perception of success and contentment, being surrounded by people who are hip to the real luxe of life.

We loved the multiple elements of different genres being presented in the instrumentation of “Luxury”. Was this a clear intention to mix and blend the production? What was your creative vision?

Right! I do agree that this is a song that can blend into different genres. And like I stated before, my overall sound is a reflection of different genres as well because of who I am. So, blurring the lines is always intentional. I also think that it's more forward-thinking to just make the music, eventually, there won’t even be genres!

In what ways are you seeking to evolve as an artist?

I am definitely still in my development stages as an artist, and I am working to solidify my voice and the way that I deliver my story. I am not looking to be anyone's shadow or replacement. I am just here to outwork myself and be a light.

What's next for you?

More music, more visuals, and hopefully some live performances. I am an all-around creative so be sure to check out my YouTube channel, India Eboneè for my next creative endeavor!



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