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Fire The Bellboy Pushes Boundaries With "Polyglot"

The new single entitled "Polyglot" from Maryland based alt pop-rock band Fire The Bellboy is strangely addictive in its own right. The song is one of 3 new songs released on their The One Who Started It EP. It's progressive pop-punk bathed in alternative rock and sonically enormous. You hear familiar sounds and tons of fun time signatures, a powerful chorus, and an embracive backbone. Even with all of its unique qualities, it's still pop. It still gets you wanting to hear more. So job well done on that note. Other songs like "Candy Bar" gives us cool augmented guitar riffs and drips with pop-punk roots. But this band is progressive and maybe even shows evolution for alternative rock as a whole. A great effort and damn well deserves a listen.

You can listen to it here

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