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Firerose And Billy Ray Cyrus Envision Their New Life Together On “Plans”

The budding power couple returns with another powerful and romantic release.

With her warm, comforting vocals and immaculate poise, FIREROSE burst onto a crowded music scene and immediately established herself as one of the brightest talents in the business. She’s got people wondering, and for good reason, too; even without her impending marriage to pop-country patriarch Billy Ray Cyrus, her talent speaks for itself.

While releases like her acclaimed debut “Fragile Handling” showed the immense potential of a star waiting to be born, subsequent releases like “All Figured Out” and “New Day” were a testament to an artist who is finally coming into her own and operating at the peak of her artistic abilities.

FIREROSE and Cyrus’s impending union seems like a match made in musical heaven. Their chemistry is uncomplicated, unmistakable, and magnificent, and Cyrus’s signature playful, rollicking style serves as the perfect foil to FIREROSE’s honey-sweet and warm delivery.

This may be ambitious, but FIREROSE and Cyrus’s blooming partnership reminds us of the famous chemistry between country legends Johnny and June Cash. FIREROSE and Cyrus bring out the best in each other, and every release from the two promises to be a treat.

The couple’s latest release, “Plans,” is a breathtaking declaration of the two stars’ total commitment to each other and testament to their continued artistic brilliance. With lyrics like “Have you got plans for forever / Do you wanna make them with me,” it’s hard not to take them at face value, but surprisingly, neither of the two stars penned the song. “Plans” was composed by one of the most celebrated writers in songwriting history, Grammy-winning songwriter Diane Warren.

With Warren’s songwriting genius and flawless performances from FIREROSE and Cyrus, the result is a beautifully sincere performance that melts your worries away and leaves you feeling giddy.

FIREROSE’s latest release, “Plans” (with Billy Ray Cyrus), is a touching and wonderfully executed offering that practically glows with the love the two have for each other. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream FIREROSE’s new release, “Plans”, available now on all majour streaming platforms.


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