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FirstNameDane Continues His Streak Of Hot Releases With “Haha”

The New Jersey native joins forces with Big$odope and Endo for this crazy release.

Fresh from the heart of the Garden State, FirstNameDane emerged onto the scene and quickly established himself as a case study of how passion, diligence, and perseverance pay off.

Proudly embracing the title of “Late Bloomer” in a world that often celebrates early success, FirstNameDane continues to redefine success and the paths we take to get there, standing as a testament to the beauty of finding one’s path at any stage in life. As New Jersey’s “Late Bloomer” continues to ascend, we’ll be here, watching every step of the way.

With punchy, dynamic production that demands your attention and equally standout lyrical performances, FirstNameDane’s music always leaves a big impression on his listeners.

Underneath the booming 808’s and anthemic synthesizers lies a profound self-awareness, leading to a noticeable increase in artistic depth not often found among his peers. With every release, FirstNameDane continues his enthralling journey of artistic growth, keeping his favorite themes of restoration and activation close at heart the entire way.

In contrast to its title, FirstNameDane’s latest release, “Haha,” is nothing to joke about. Featuring Big$odope and Endo, the “Haha” utilizes atmospheric synths and snares to create a vast and rich soundscape similar to “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” era Travis Scott.

All three artists feel in perfect sync, switching back and forth between their adlibs and verses quickly, making it feel like they’ve been making music together forever. Fans of hip-hop-tinged with ambient vibes are going to love this release.

FirstNameDane’s “Haha” sees the talented Jersey MC join forces with Big$odope and Endo to create an instantly timeless release. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream FirstNameDane’s latest release, “Haha,” which is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, FirstNameDane! We loved “Haha.” The chemistry you and your fellow artists showed was so impressive! We had to ask: Is this your first time collaborating with Big$odope and Endo, or have you all worked together before?

First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to listen. HAHA is a few years in the making, and it's always gratifying for an artist to know someone is listening. This isn't the first rodeo for Endo and me or Big$oDope.

Both artists are South Jersey natives like me, and I've known both outside of music for over 15 years. Endo. and I, aside from collaborating on several singles like "Doobies in the Dark" and all-time summer vibe "Surf Pt. 2", completed a collaborative EP alongside artist Sonny Sword and producer Ty Key, titled "DAYTRIP". Big$oDope and I have collaborated on singles such as the Bay area-inspired "Ball it or Not," and I've even produced beats for him in recent years.

What’s the story behind the creation of “Haha?"

HAHA is a funny story, no pun intended. I remember hearing a Drake song in a bar and how excited this girl was even though it was slow and ambient, the complete opposite of a party song. I felt like Michael Jordan in The Last Dance documentary, where he says, "And I took that personally." After that, I challenged myself to make something similar but knew I couldn't copy and paste Drake. I needed to offer something fresh and be myself.

When crafting the beat, I wanted to offer two sides of heartbreak, and the beat changes midway to reflect those feelings. I initially wrote Endo.'s part for myself but one day in the studio I had him perform it and it just felt right. If I remember correctly, Big$oDope sent his verse back quicker than Sha'carri Richardson in the 100m race. It was one of the more seamless processes I've had making a song.

Can you take us through your usual creative process for releases?

Typically, I'll make a beat and send it to my longtime collaborator, producer Ty Key. He'll either add a little salt to it like Salt Bae or really spruce it up and add all the sauce. Then it's a tennis match, ideas bouncing back and forth until we have something solid to build around. We want what's best for the song, so egos never get in the way.

What do you want your listeners to feel when they hear your music?

When listeners hear FirstNameDane, I want them to say, "Oh shit, this is fucking amazing!" The more vulgar, the better; that's how you know it's good. My music is reflective of me as a person, so I hope they feel like they're getting a unique experience when listening to me. When the song ends, I hope listeners feel like they can expect quality, creativity, surprises, and high-pitched background vocals just because they listen to FirstNameDane.+

What’s next for FirstNameDane? Can we expect to hear more new music soon? Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

FirstNameDane has an EP on the way! The "GOOD TIME" EP is slated for later this year and will be paired with a mini-documentary and a mini-podcast dedicated to discussing each song. I've been a pretty reclusive artist in the past, but I'm really excited to share these things and present fans with a front-row ticket to The Dane Show.


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