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Fishy Folk's Latest EP Heightens Senses with Leading Single, "Auditory Eyes"

Fishy Folk is a New Jersey psychedelic pop rock group led by singer and songwriter Brandon Bogdan.

The messages of their songs consist of concepts such as twisted love stories, abstract expressionism, heartbreak, freedom, and current issues, to name a few. Their sound is rooted in a wavy retro psychedelic Rock presence, while they play upon elements of Pop, Folk, and experimental influences presented in the musical creations they put forth.

With their most recent body of work, ‘Then Came the Flowers,’ this four-track EP is a collection of their best songs to date. Shining a light on the second song placed on the tracklist, “Auditory Eyes,” Fishy Folk utilizes delicate themes to introduce the mid-tempo pulse that radiates from their nostalgic soundwaves.

Approaching this song in a minimalistic 1960’s approach, the added touch of the harpsichord has Fishy Folk serving up wistful natures with a melodic vocalization. Warm fuzzy tones linger with the vintage psych-rock reverberated vocals. Creating a hazy vibe to transport your headspace, elusive waves sweep over you as you take in all that is, “Auditory Eyes.”

The record speaks on the narrative of two people falling in love at first glance, by only using their eyes. Presenting a soundscape that is reminiscent of realms, we admire the approach that Fishy Folk takes towards their creations.

Dangling lyrical motifs such as, ‘now I’m looking at all of you, and all of you are looking back,’ Fishy Folk has always been one to interact on an engaging level with their fan base. With the lyrical content being written in 2019, this is a timeless piece with a magnetic charm that only Fishy Folk can integrate.

We love the single, “Auditory Eyes,” off of your EP, ‘Then Came the Flowers.’ What encouraged you to make this track the leading single off of the four-track EP?

I chose to highlight “Auditory Eyes” because I feel people could relate to the lyrics and the music the most out of the four tracks. People have told me that they catch themselves humming it at a random time, and that to me was a sign that said “this is the one”.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative process for “Auditory Eyes”?

“Auditory Eyes” began when I heard the chorus melody in my head one day. I hummed it into my phone and I made sure to return to it because I knew it would be an ear-pleaser. The ending section of the song wasn’t written until weeks later. I was planning to use the ending section of the song for a separate piece, but then I realized that it would fit well with the song I had begun writing. I wanted to create a song of pure joy, a song that could make people dance, sing, and clap their hands. I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of two people falling for each other, but only doing so with their eyes. The lyrics also contain phrases such as “We were speaking without words” and “Sunlight shines upon my teeth”, touching on the subjects of intimacy and happiness.

How long did it take for you to create the full body of work before deciding to release the project?

Then Came the Flowers contains four songs that I wrote in 2017, 2018, and 2019. The band and I officially formed in 2019, and we decided to record the EP in November 2020. The recording process took a total of 4 days. We moved forward very quickly in the studio because we were very familiar with the songs.

What is the main message that you are sending to your listeners with, ‘Then Came the Flowers’?

There isn’t really an overall message that the EP presents. The songs are based on personal experiences but somewhat presented in the form of fictional stories. I hope that the listeners can relate to the topics of the songs in whichever way they please.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I would like new listeners to know that if I wasn’t writing songs or making art, my life would be almost meaningless. I feel like my main purpose in life is to have the need to please, and I do so through song. The music I create is made to touch the hearts and brains of whoever comes across it. I try to incorporate melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics that will get the listener to either stop and think about the purpose of everything or sit back and simply relax to the sounds.


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