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Five Star Friend’s Got You Figured Out In “Exactly Who You’ll Be”

Five Star Friend, the brainchild of the multi-talented singer and songwriter Rob D. Turner, is a musical project from the eastern shore of Virginia.

Freely drawing influence from power pop and pop punk, Five Star Friend’s free yet no-nonsense and keep-it-simple approach has created waves in the indie music scene. With musical roots in piano playing, Turner and the band expanded their musical arsenal to include guitar and a variety of other instruments, creating a sound that is both dynamic, diversified, and electrifying.

Turner describes Five Star Friend’s latest single, "Exactly Who You'll Be," as a nod to the golden days of power pop and punk, with crunchy chords taking center stage. Don't be fooled into thinking that’s all they have going for them; Five Star Friend's music is much more than just chords.

Turner has a knack for incorporating sounds you wouldn’t expect; combining everything from jangly fender Jag-Stangs (an electric guitar designed by the late great Kurt Cobain) to soft, mellow 12-strings and even a bit of cowbell, the band knows how to layer harmonies and create thumping, melodic basslines that are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences for a long time.

“Exactly Who You’ll Be” is a dedicated nod to Five Star Friend’s creative ethos and identity. Combining their no-nonsense approach with their signature power-chord heavy instrumentals, Five Star Friend takes you on a three-minute musical journey that will surely make you want more. It’s an easy listen; Turner’s vocals accentuate his instrumentals perfectly as he figures out love interests (The mystery's gone, and I hope she approves it / I know exactly who you'll be). It’s the kind of song you can put on in multiple situations, from a sunny walk in the park to chilling with friends.

With a no-nonsense approach and a keep-it-simple mentality, Five Star Friend's music is a breath of fresh air in an industry that prioritizes excess over substance. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Exactly Who You’ll Be,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

We loved “Exactly Who You’ll Be” with all the highly produced and altered sounds on the scene today; it was refreshing to hear your approach. We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song? Were you drawing from any personal experiences?

Thanks! Yes, I was drawing from personal experiences. It's about a bunch of people that went to school with me, and I would notice these little things about their personalities. In the bridge, there's the line, "She doesn't even know the address of the place that she lives in," and that is 100% inspired by someone. I'm like - you don't even know where you live?! This song also shows my adoration and fondness for power pop and pop punk - styles I tried to incorporate.

Take us through your creative process! Do you usually start with an idea and work from there or jam and see what comes to you?

I started jamming on this song in the early days of the pandemic, thinking about my favorite power pop/pop punk songs and had a couple of lines. I usually hum the melody over the chord changes, and if it sounds good - I'll remember it and replace the humming for words. Honestly, sometimes the nonsense words I sing stick because I like them so much.

Take us outside the music for a sec. What do you like to do in your free time?

That's a good question! These days when I'm not playing music, I like to watch movies, go for bike rides, and play basketball with friends.

If you wanted fans to take away one thing or message from your music, what would it be?

I hope that as many people as possible listen to my songs because I know that what I think and put in my lyrics are sentiments that others have. In other words, what I'm writing about someone else is probably going through as well. That's one of the powerful things about music that I still feel when I listen to songs I love. There's someone else out there with the same thoughts and attitude. I hope that people listening to my tunes get this feeling.

What’s next for Five Star Friend? Do you have any significant goals for 2023?

I'm in the process of recording an album and putting the finishing touches on it. I hope to release these songs I've been working on later this year - so 2023 is primed to be a big year. And hopefully plenty of live shows in the future. Molly Malone's on February 18th and State Social House on March 3rd!


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