Five Star Friend’s “Maybe It’s True” Is Making Waves in the West

February 24 | BuzzMusic

Five Star Friend’s new single "Maybe It’s True” from his debut album perfectly highlights his alternative Californian vibe. The lyrics incorporate themes of heartbreak and accepting lost love for what it is. The primary message is of self-acceptance and the realization that it’s okay to think about lost love, just not okay to dwell on it. It’s easy to say that “Maybe It’s True” reflects his brand's minimalist theme. Perfectly backed with an easy listening melodic hook with sublime instrumentation, Five Star Friend has created the ideal song for a warm sunny day.

Five Star Friend is the moniker Virginia native Rob D. Turner uses. He takes his combination of genres with him to Connecticut, then to California. Landing his mix of rock, pop, alternative, country, and forming a sound close to west coast groups like Weezer and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. After familiarizing himself with guitar (as well as 12 string), he treated himself to a Fender Jag-Stang to help emphasize his crisp layered harmonies. With his melodic baselines, he provides catchy and groovy rhythms that capture his minimal, yet effective instrumentation/vocals. He recently released his debut album 'Five Star Friend on February 14th, recorded in a garage and its nothing short of excellence.

Stream "Maybe It's True" here.