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Five10 Foss Kills It With “Rich”

Established as “The Breath of the West”, Five10 Foss is on the rise to becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the urban music scene. At the early age of 14, Five10Foss was introduced to a microphone and the studio, and from that point on, music has served as the instrument to his life. Five10 made his first recorded debut in 2002 as a member of PointBlank. Alongside group members Tre Mak, Krytykal and Robb Cole. The group released PointBlank: “The Takeover” in 2003. The group created a major buzz with undeniable talent. Five10 maintained this buzz he created for himself by collaborating with other artists and doing mixtapes.

Five10Foss dropped a hit that’s gonna have us in the mood to turn up while still grasping a nice vibe. What I loved most about “Rich” were the lyrics. The most relatable factor to the lyricism was the idea of the luxury in life that we all seek. As obvious as it is, many people would like to attain the “Rich life” or even simple success. Five10 played with that theme by enhancing the motivation in their listener. The vocals were smoothly-connected with one another while the atmosphere for “Rich” was chilled and laid-back. “Rich” had smooth R&B elements floating across the single that we greatly admired. The deeply texturized single has a way of driving its listener towards the motions of the song. “Rich” was a finely-tuned and well executed hit song that represents the fun in today’s current culture of urban music while remaining substantial enough for lovers of true poetic music. We can't wait to see what Five10 Foss delivers next!

Check out "Rich" here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Five10! Who were some of your musical influences growing up? In what ways were you inspired?

Your welcome. Growing up  my musical influences was Pac, E-40, Richie Rich, Too Short, Dru Down, Yukmouth, Master P, Jadakiss and Dmx. They all inspired me in different ways. But mainly the way they carried themselves on and off the mic. Character means alot.

What’s one of the major differences you find to be more beneficial for you working as a solo artist opposed to in a group.

Well as a solo artist everything is all you oppose to being in a group where you have different opinions, ideas etc. I enjoy having the freedom to express myself anyway I like on tracks without having anyone's input. I find myself writing more now than when I was a group.

Let’s talk about the single “Rich”. What was the motive behind this release?

The motive behind the rich single is to let my fans into my world.  When I wrote the track I was going thru some financial troubles at the time. The same troubles we all go through in life. So I wrote about it. Rich is a mini story of where I was at, what I was going through and where I wanna go!

In what ways does the lyrical arrangement of “Rich” reflect the theme of the song?

Good question. The first verse talks about how my hard work has paid off and now I'm successful. The second verse goes back to when I was broke. And talks about the everyday struggle , leading up to success. So basically I'm saying now that I got it, don't forget there was a time that I didn't. And stay humble.

What’s next for you Five10?

I have lots a new music and videos to release. I'm in the studio now working on an EP that I plan on releasing in 2020. I'm also working on a few mixtapes.

"My goal is to inspire and have my music heard around the world."

- Five10 Foss


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