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FIVES Release New EP Featuring “Lightshō”

Starting as the dynamic duo if Marc Cashin on lead vocals and Matthew White on the keyboard, FIVES has developed into a talented quartet that includes David Kirchner and Billy Toti. FIVE’s fuses alt-rock and indie pop into a finely-calibrated and authentic adrenaline shot of sound.

FIVES’ upbeat and atmospheric track “Lightshō” boasts everything an Indie Pop song should be. A track that’s lighthearted and made for rolling down all the windows and singing your heart out or simply dancing the night away. A unifying anthem, “Lightshō” exudes empowering confidence as it flows freely through the motions. The catchy riff and contagious melody is guaranteed to be stuck in your head. “Lightshō” is the perfect blend of acoustic guitars, precise drums, and show stopping synths to blow you away. This track is so enthusiastic and uplifting it makes me feel like I’m in a movie montage putting in WORK. “Lightshō” is a refreshing and awakening single that can get anyone out of their seat. FIVES’ know what their fans want to hear and deliver it in the most explosive way!

Listen to “Lightshō” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Can you start by introducing yourselves and what role you play within FIVES?

FIVES much to people's surprise, is actually only four. Marc and Matt are the founding members. Marc is the lead singer and Matt plays the keys. They tend to write the majority of FIVES' music. Billy Toti holds down the drum kit. David Kirchner is our newest member. He took over lead guitar duties about a year ago. 

We love your song “Lightshō”! Can you talk about what inspired this track?

Lightshō started as a simple rhythm guitar riff written by Marc 2 or 3 years ago. We weren't quite sure what to do with it at the time. But we keep an archive of every musical idea we have. It was one of those things that we kept going back to over time and eventually found a way to build a song around the riff. Which you can now hear in the pre-chorus - The song is an analogy for flirtation as told by the Earth to the Sun. The lyrics reference the many ways that the Sun shines her light to attract the Earth (her light show). He is infatuated by this dazzling woman who is completely out of his league.

What’s your favorite lyric in “Lightshō”?

"Baby, you’re the sunlight shining on my shore line. I can't get enough of you. Skies are gonna fall for you." - this is the pre-chorus section that I mentioned earlier. Those lyrics seemed to perfectly capture the essence of flirtation and infatuation. - Matt

"Nobody should watch you when you're shining on. Don't want to look right at you but you pull so strong". I like the imagery there. Comparing someone's beauty to a solar eclipse. That's just fun. - Marc

What’s the overall theme or your new EP?

The new EP is mostly an extension of the concepts we started exploring in our first EP Heart & Thunder - the ups and downs of relationships. We starting working on many of these songs at the same time. So there are definitely some similarities. But we also wanted this latest collection of songs to demonstrate better storytelling and sound bigger and more sophisticated. While this isn't a concept album like David Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust And the Spiders from Mars", there are loose themes of fantasy and science fiction. We are hoping to create a couple music videos that make some of these more obvious.

What is each of your favorite songs in your repertoire?

I Gave Myself a Day (To Think About You) is beautiful, especially live and it ends with a terrific guitar solo. - Marc & David You Go On. We have ended almost every show for he past 4 years with this song. It's still my favorite. - Billy You & Me (All Night Long) is my current favorite. Who doesn't love a fun dance song about hooking up at a club?!! -Matt


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