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Flee Against the Norms With Solo Star's "American God"

Solo Star is a recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Trenton, NJ. At 13, he began writing music and discovered his passion for rapping. He would spend the next five years honing his craft by recording uncut demos and feature verses for other artists in Trenton.

Though rooted in Hip-Hop, you can hear Pop, Funk, Soul, and even Rock influences in his music. Undoubtedly a result of his oddly eclectic, yet surprisingly well-rounded musical tastes. With influences that range from 2Pac & Kanye to Michael Jackson & Fleetwood Mac, you can easily figure out why he pushes the boundaries of genres so frequently.

In a world that happens to place great emphasis on the cadence and vibrations that music provides, Solo Star delivers the very best of his lyrical dexterity to the foreground of Hip-hop’s new wave. His most recent single “American God” happens to fall into a category that plays upon the intoxicating grooves making headlines and the need for authentically spoken rhyme schemes.

Solo Star taps into the hunger he holds within himself as he charismatically portrays a series of lyrical motifs that shape the essence of his being, and the message that he has to convey. Delving into punchy cadences that coat the melodic instrumentation with a depiction of what it’s like to be an American artist paving ways, there’s a certain likability factor that has Solo Star illuminated on the platforms that you’re tapping in with. “American God,” brings a refreshing take to the poetic resonance that is showcased through impeccably placed wording and a prevailing tone.

What we love the most about this record has to be the fact that Solo Star doesn’t compromise his capabilities in order to serve up the ingenious scope that peers into his lens. Trailblazing in the name of good music, he proves that what’s here to stay will conquer in a world of condensed attention spans.

Congratulations on the release of “American God.” With a record that truly stands its own, what inspired the themes that you address?

Thank you. Believe it or not, the first 2 seasons of the show 'American Gods' were the catalyst for the construction of this song. The show operates on the premise that a God is only as powerful as the number of believers they control. I felt it translated well to the music industry and my experience within it. In today's landscape you're only as big as the followers you can amass and it seemed like the perfect thing to break out the old artistic license for.

What does this song say about you as the artist behind it? What do you hope that your listeners can reflect upon once they fully take it in?

More than anything, i hope it inspires my fans to truly and unapologetically believe in themselves above all else. It's like a passionate soliloquy from the hero of the story where he's psyching himself up for the challenge ahead.

Could you please share a glimpse into what inspires your unique approach to such deep lyrics? Do you find that subject matter of this sort is easy to reiterate to your audience?

I started the recording process for my new album, "SOLO": The Ballad Of Solo Star, with the goal of being as open and honest as possible. That's why I love the soliloquy metaphor. The entire album kind of sounds like I'm talking to myself; which I do a lot. This is why I would like it to be billed as "If a journal was made of music."

I took on the challenge of being this open, specifically due to the difficulty. The task of complete and unabridged honesty was my inspiration for this entire process. Music has always been the only therapy session I'm comfortable going to, but I've never scratched the depth of reflection I got on this project.

What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that you continue to portray that through the message your music sends out?

My mission statement as a creative is "Passion, Initiative, and Innovation". You've gotta have the passion to love it; the initiative to do it, and the innovation to make it your own. If you have those 3 things then nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

I have this written down and hanging up on the wall in my room. I'm constantly reminding myself to keep these in the forefront of my brain. That's for everything I do, creatively and otherwise. Musically it makes authenticity inevitable and the results become refreshingly original.

What's next for you?

Well, my debut album is releasing August 6. So my team and I will have our hands full with that for a while. I know the pandemic took a toll on small venues but I really want to get out and start performing as soon as possible.

I'm also working on a visual album to accompany the debut. We'll be dropping that later in the year through my indie entertainment channel, IndieStarTV™. And I've already started work on my next project, so I'm really excited to see how the rest of 2021 shakes out.

Special Mention: I want to thank you and everybody at Buzz Music for giving independent artists a platform. Thanks for the interview and keep up the phenomenal work.


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