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Flee From the "Old Street Lover" With Fly the Nest's Sugary Single

Gliding in from Dublin, Ireland, the cinematic singer-songwriter and go-getting artist Fly the Nest releases his blistering soundscape of a single entitled "Old Street Lover."

Playing music from a young age led Fly the Nest (Stephen Cooper) to perform in various bands before taking-part in his solo career. When he's not creating his tunes, Fly the Nest produces and composes music for sync, opening up another facet of his creativity into the cut-throat industry.

Produced and recorded by Peter Doherty in Tyrone, NI, Fly the Nest's latest single, "Old Street Lover," takes on quite an engaging and emotional storyline. Perfectly complimenting Fly the Nest's raw emotion is the expansive and rhythmic instrumentals that sink us into cinematic perfection.

"Old Street Lover" drops a fiery opening with sharp melodic rock instrumentals, almost offering a similar flair to Kings of Leon. Once the driving drums stand in the spotlight alongside Fly the Nest's enthralling vocal abilities and a tight bassline, he begins telling the story of leaving a connection that was ultimately lost.

Pushing through the hook, Fly the Nest takes the energy to a high and blasts through with whaling guitars and punchy drums that chant in rhythm. Not to mention Fly the Nest's passionate delivery throughout the entire piece, he takes us by surprise with the west coast feel on the wavy bridge, soaking the guitars in serene reverb and heading full-throttle towards the blistering outro.

It's hard to come by such lively and conceptual singles like Fly the Nest's "Old Street Lover," and we're more than glad we did. Find Fly the Nest's cinematic sound on all streaming platforms.

We highly admire the sonic and lyrical intricacy within your striking single, "Old Street Lover." What compelled you to create this heavily emotional yet exciting piece?

I wanted to write an inspirational uplifting track instead of a 'lovy dovy' song. The emotional content is derived from the feeling after a relationship ended, and wishing only the best for the other person. This is reiterated in the chorus - "I hope you find some satisfaction in everything that you've imagined, I'm backing you right up to the moon and back you know, you've got it you've got it you've got it, I hope you find some inspiration in everything that we've created I'm missing you right up to the moon and back you know, you've got it, you've got it, you've got it!"

What was the production and recording process like with producer Peter Doherty for your single "Old Street Lover"? How did he help your creative process?

He's an amazing producer and great to work with very passionate and sees where my idea is going and takes it there and beyond, a fantastically talented multi-instrumentalist and he did all instruments on it bar acoustic guitar. I would recommend him to anyone looking to record top-quality content.

Seeing as you touch on rather emotional and heavy lyricism within "Old Street Lover," how did you want your audience to feel after experiencing the song's entirety?

I want them to know that the end of one chapter is the start of a brand new one without any animosity, it's realizing it didn't work out but appreciating that and hoping the other person will go on and do great things in whichever path they so choose

We've noticed that you have a variety of singles released. Do you have any plans or ideas for a future EP or album?

I have a lot of material recorded, some for personal release and others for sync purposes but really enjoying constantly dripping singles out so they all get their own spotlight, so the answer is no there are no plans for an ep only singles for now at least although I have enough songs I'm happy with for a full-length album.

What is the quote that keeps you going?

'Find something love doing, find a way to make a living and you'll never work a day in your life'



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