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Float Away To A Sizzling Soundscape With, "Drifter Song"

Indie and Reggae fusion DRUNKSOULS are a French band whose music is a patchwork of influences intended to make you dance as well as think.

With songs that toggle on themes of playful, dark, and meaningful, they pull you into their captivating embrace as they continue down the path of poppy hooks and a balance of political and emotional lyrics.

DRUNKSOULS continues to receive a high amount of word-of-mouth from their ever-growing fan base, as they continue to push boundaries in the industry.

Rhythm radiates from the sizzling ambiance that “Drifter Song,” exudes as we get sonically fed with pulsating grooves. The lively instrumentation carries numerous components that have you out of your seat, swiftly gliding across the floor as you get lost in the snug drum arrangements that practically bounce out of the speakers. Each lush guitar riff performed have you clapping along with the music that DRUNKSOULS intricately deliver.

As melodious tones sit in the forefront of the vocalization, the raw and indefinable growls coming from the depths of within get a light to kindle the illumination. “Drifter Song,” can be found on the album, ‘Chaos,’ which is included in the original soundtrack of, ‘Petit Bus Rouge,’ a movie by Sebastien Montaz.

DRUNKSOULS allows the composition to transfer you to a blissful utopia under the heat of the glistening sun, you gravitate towards the vibrant radiance of DRUNKSOULS and the boisterous energy that they put forth in the creations they put out into the world.

DRUNKSOULS showcase their artistic versatility as they set various tones in each record produced. Always offering up sonic delicacy, DRUNKSOULS knocks it out of the park, once again.

Congratulations on the release of, “Drifter Song.” Welcome to BuzzMusic, DRUNKSOULS! What was the inspiration behind the meaning of, “Drifter Song?”

Well, the inspiration probably came from our own laziness we are deeply capable to feel after a severe hangover the night before after a concert show or any very joyful party. But also probably by the entire society that seems to encourage a lot of people to sit on their couch in front of the TV and enjoy the vacuum.

Tell us how you managed to snag the amazing opportunity of landing on the soundtrack of, ‘Petit Bus Rouge’?

In fact, this opportunity came along with another greater previous one, a lot of our songs about 30 min of our music could be heard in the score of the previous multi-awarded movie from Seb Montaz "I believe I can fly - Flight of the Frenchies". This movie was really a great success and the alchemic with our music quite remarkable, so it's natural that Seb asked for using a new song of ours.

What is your favorite part of the creation process in music?

A difficult question to answer. I'm not sure I've got a favorite part. I love the beginning when the inspiration comes from nowhere, I love the end when you can get the final result, but also enjoy the adventure between these two stages.

What themes and messages would you like your listeners to take away from the music you create?

Freedom, love, and friendship, with a big load of trees we could have a better world.

What goals do you have in mind with your music moving into the new year?

We got about ten songs already recorded that were never released...some will be released, it's going to be a big surprise for our fans.

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