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Float Away With, "Orchestra Of Doubt," From Wicked Winters

Creating an atmosphere of serenity and security while allowing audiences to relate on a personal and emotional level, Wicked Winters releases a deep and fulfilling single titled "Orchestra Of Doubt".

Wicked Winters is a solo project from artist Steve Davies who operates out of East London/Kent, England. A former student of The BRIT School, Steve Davies uses his creative and visionary talent to touch on the topics of depression, loneliness, and despair to reach out to audiences everywhere and offer insight on the discussion of mental health.

A powerful message is portrayed here while enduring the restrictions and obstacles that the pandemic's lockdowns have presented to people around the world.

As the track opens up with a tranquil ambiance and a tasteful piano tune, listeners are then engulfed in Steve Davies' incredible and alleviating vocal aptitude. The blatantly organic lyrical innovation included makes this piece instantly relatable and gives audiences a somber connection to the emotional vulnerability on display.

The idea that we have all dealt with a difficult, strenuous year becomes increasingly more clear, but all the while more bearable as we sink into a sultry, vivid extension of Wicked Winters' raw gift. This gift is the ability to create passionate feelings amongst the audience all while keeping true to himself in the process.

Was there a sudden moment of realization that pushed you to once again create music? There wasn't any particular moment, for a few years I knew something was missing but things just seemed to get in the way whether that be my job or family commitments. The last twelve months with the lockdown and furlough have given me a lot of time to sit down, set up my equipment, and record again. So although it has been hard to be stuck indoors (I'm a social person, I'm really not designed to be cooped up at home), I can at least say it has given me the freedom to make time for Music again and that is something I will continue to do as the world opens up.

How did your time studying at The Brit School impact the way that you make music today?

The BRIT School had a massive impact on my music, to be able to be somewhere five days a week and be as creative as I wanted to be, to write constantly, to perform regularly, and make mistakes to learn from without any judgment was just an amazing experience. The support I received from the teachers and staff was incredible, I'll put my hands up now and say I didn't take full advantage of the opportunities that were offered to me at the time, but they were there and I would recommend BRIT to any young person looking to have a career in Performing Arts.

Do you have any specific artists that you look up to as a source of inspiration?

I'm into many different styles of music so I take inspiration from anything that I like. However, there is one artist that stands out for me and that is Charlie Simpson. I was very much into pop and boy bands when I was young and then as I got older started listening to rock and pop-punk and from there I started listening to everything. To see Charlie transition his image from Busted to Fightstar for me was inspirational and helped me develop my sound and style. When he did it again and went into his solo work it really showed me that you don't have to pigeonhole yourself and you can create whatever you want and Wicked Winters is going to do just that.

Is there a particular message you'd like fans to receive when they indulge in your work?

There is no message that I want to push onto anyone, I want people to take from my music what they need to. I can only speak of the reaction to 'Orchestra of Doubt' at the moment, but to have people (some I know and some I don't) message me to say that they have cried their eyes out listening to my song means that they connected with it and that makes me proud as a songwriter. Someone recently told me that they felt less alone listening to the lyrics and I'm so happy that they felt that way and even more so that they told me.

What can we expect to see next?

There will be a few more releases to come during 2021. I'm hoping to get back in the studio as soon as possible and go through all the tracks I've been recording at home. Other than releasing music, I'm going to get a live set together and work on better ways to build and engage with my fan base through social media.

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