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“Float On” Into the Unknown With Zea Sy’s Optimistic Single

Returning to BuzzMusic with her dynamic pop-rock single "Float On," Zea Sy brings an incredibly different tone to modern pop and rock. While being inspired by rock and R&B legends, Zea Sy decided to take her brand one step further and participate in a side project with the "Bamboo Entertainment Foundation," where they help make ends meet for struggling artists. Through her recent single "Float On," Zea Sy merges the likes of scorching mid-tempo rock and the ambiance of transcendent synths within pop music, all to provide us with a unique approach to songwriting/creation.

Opening with light and filtered keys, "Float On" increases in pace and volume very gradually. Zea Sy provides beautiful soprano vocals bringing forward the likes of artists likeGrimes, FKA TwigsandHANA. She sings empowering lyrics of moving on from the turmoil we've all experienced (especially now) and finding peace within the unknown in order to grow. The underlying production and instrumentals come together to create sonic brilliance with the human touch of melancholy keys and pulsing violin strings. Also creating a darker mood within the growling synths and dynamic transitions, really allowing us to put aside trivial matters and focus on what's important, being our inner growth. "Float On" is one of many Zea Sy's releases that effortlessly captivates listeners.

Discover "Float On" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Zea Sy! We’d like to say how inspiring your single “Float On” is and how you make peace with the unknown. What was the main theme or message you wanted to get across with the single?

For me, being home and away from all my friends and family has been killing me. I miss people so bad. There are days when I just want to stay in bed and not work on myself, my goals, relationships... Sometimes I just need a reminder to keep pushing. To keep going. To not give up on doing what I love, spending time with people I love ( from a distance), and growing overall as a person. This song was to give myself a reminder. I hope it does that for anyone who hears it. Keep pushing my people!!

Speaking on the overall sound within “Float On”, it looks as though Zea Sy went for a dark pop sound with rock ’n roll elements. Why did you steer in this unique direction and provide a different sound, rather than with straightforward rock?

Honestly, It just felt good to do. Mixing genres is a favorite thing of mine. No one just likes ONE type of music. We are a mixed culture so of course we should have mixed styles of music. 

Through your last interview with BuzzMusic, Zea Sy stated that you write songs with whichever emotions you’re feeling in that moment. Could you share how you take these moments and elaborate on them to really provide a strong message?

I have been having major ups and downs during this quarantine. So I think the music really reflects that. I think it's important to be conversational in a song, even if you're talking to yourself. I write a lot of songs in my car... to myself and God. I think God gives me the clarity to really haggle out any misconstrued concepts or ideas that I'm wanting to portray to keep them simple and catchy. 

We’ve heard that Zea Sy undertook philanthropy by working with the “Bamboo Entertainment Foundation”, where you come together with various artists/producers, etc. All to help make ends meet for struggling artists. What made you get involved with philanthropy and use your career for the greater good?

If you aren't giving you're dying. Ryan and I know how tough it is being an artist, especially during this time. We don't have much to give but can give regardless. We do these free monthly shows (now virtual) where the object is your ticket is not monetary, it's a service or item we are doing a drive for. For example, at a physical show, if we partnered with an organization that is looking for socks, your ticket to the show is socks. 

We DO accept monetary funds that help sponsor artists and help them with, mixing, mastering, photos, or even food and rent. As artists, it's our responsibility to share not just our art, but our talent and selves with those that need it. If you want to help at all please check out, In the meantime, check out our monthly shows on Instagram! 

What's next for Zea Sy? 

I have about 3-4 songs ready to be released that Ry and I are working on. Obviously things got held back due to Covid-19 but lots of writing has been going on. I'm stoked for the year and honored that I can do what I love even with all the challenges. 

Don't give up people. Keep floating on / pushing on and helping others along the way. We WILL get through this. 



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