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Float On With Freddy Gonzalez And His R&B Dream Pop Release

The fresh new single "Can't Forget" is quite an appropriate title for the track. It's certainly not something easy to forget. Just one of the songs on his 3 song EP release Show You, the track is a smooth blend of R&B and dream pop. The record has soul and lots of it. But it's his bringing together a classic R&B style with a very current future pop sound that makes this EP work so well. Songs like "Ballin' Out Here" really gets you in a pleasant mood. It feels almost like laying in bed on a warm sunny day as you slowly wake up. Everything is going really well in your life so you just lay there and drink it in.

This EP is a strong effort and displays songwriting that feels natural. Songs that really flow through you in the best way possible. The EP  can be heard here


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