Floramay Holliday Blends Old Time Country With Modern Alternative On ,“These Days”

Over the past 25 years, Floramay has gained critical acclaim recording and performing with legends such as Guy Clark, Ray Benson, and Willie Nelson. Her first album was recommended for nomination in the 42nd Grammy Awards. Floramay is recording her 5th record with the New Bohemians as her backing band.

Floramay is known for her poetic yet truthful lyrics, and in her single "These Days," she tells a vivid story about how things were when she was growing up. Floramay dives into her past as she describes what happened in the first few lines. First, she mentions that she remembers her dad leaving, and for a long time, her mom was heartbroken by it. Then, she speaks on how she thought it was her fault and wished there was something she could've done to change it.

As we continue on this emotional journey with Floramay, she conjures many memories that most of us can relate to. She expresses that the memories with her father helped her get through "These Days." These days her father's memories and old pictures are all she has left of him, and those memories and photographs have helped her lift herself to where she is today.

With many more projects underway, including an album and tour coming soon, there's no doubt we will hear more from Floramay Holliday. So immerse yourself in Floramay Holliday's latest single, "These Days," available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Floramay Holliday. What makes this record different from the rest with a catalog of variety and style?

Over the past 20 years, I've recorded four albums on my label, Roseneath Records, using various genres and styles, including Americana, country, folk-rock, bluegrass, and blues. This 5th album is graduating into a sound unlike my others, with everything from contemporary to pop, bluegrass, and country. Recording with the New Bohemians in Dallas has given the music a fresh sound, and my new songs come from a place of love and experience. In addition, another batch of songs will be coming from my work with Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios in Boston. In 2020, my original studio sessions were forced to go remote, and we finished several new songs together, using his all-star cast of musicians. I'm excited to see how they all come together as an album and look forward to releasing the new music video for "Hearts Have Wings," a contemporary co-write with Holland, coming soon.

Explain to us more about your creative process behind this beautiful, heart-felt record and how you come to the start of such a masterpiece?

Thank you, this one does feel like my masterpiece, as a lot of heart and soul has gone into the writing and producing of this record. I've been composing lately and began working with the New Bohemians in Dallas. During the recording sessions, new songs were inspired and finished on the spot in the studio, counting 18 so far. Rockers like "Song to Myself" and "Best Friend" are balanced out by the mellow vibes of "I Still Try" and "Wild Ones." The upcoming single, "Hearts Have Wings," is inspired by the longing to be with someone far away. I think a lot of people can relate.

Will the country be your primary genre, or do you see yourself branching out shortly?

It's hard to define what genre my music fits into neatly. It has roots in the country, but my new album has a contemporary influence and some rock and roll. I could see myself recording a gospel album in the future and a classic bluegrass album while also working on my songwriting and going where it takes me.

With your upcoming album tour, what do you hope for your listeners to take away after spending some time with you?

As a songwriter and performer, I intend to take the listener to a positive place through music, with lyrics that tell stories and inspire. I hope to create music that draws you into the moment and leaves you with a good feeling, wanting more.

What's next for you?

After the album is done, I plan to release a series of singles and music videos and then drop the album, followed by a tour to promote. To continue writing and playing music is a dream come true, and I plan to do it as long as possible. Creating live music experiences for others is a passion of mine, and I enjoy teaching songwriting workshops, putting on concerts and organizing up-and-coming musicians to perform.