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Flore Challenges Modern Pop with a Heartfelt Single, "Malad(i)llness"

Floating in from Brussels, Belgium, the pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Flore continues to push boundaries of contemporary pop music with her latest introspective single, "Malad(i)llness."

What's interesting about Flore's style and brand is her ability to deliver profoundly personal lyricism over a warm synth landscape, offering listeners a deeper and darker edge of pop music. Painting a world of feelings and emotions through her music, Flore is constantly on the lookout for new ways to explore the feelings, sounds, and colors of her musical world.

More recently, Flore traveled into the depths of lyrical despair for her latest release, "Malad(i)llness," while allowing listeners to connect with her on a more personal and genuine level. While the instrumentals offer the warmth and dreaminess of contemporary electro-pop, Flore offers a sweet-sounding performance in both French and English.

Diving into "Malad(i)llness," opening with harmonious background vocals, soothing pads, and mellow electro-pop keys. Once the down-tempo kick makes its way in, Flore begins vocalizing her heavy emotions and in the most intriguing way, as she exudes nothing but pain and strife through her heavily emotional vocal delivery. As she opens the song with her French lyricism, Flore later makes her way to the second verse and effortlessly switches to English.

Elaborating on Flore's lyricism, she depicts incredibly emotional and gut-wrenching scenes of getting caught in the midst of an inner storm where sadness seems to prevail more often than not. As the sonics and instrumentals continue their soothing and ethereal journey, Flore makes her way to the outro while leaving us in awe of her attempt to challenge various stigmas of contemporary pop music.

Keep an eye out for Flore as she continues to represent a different aspect of modern-day pop with her deeply emotional and moving single, "Malad(i)llness," available on all streaming platforms.

Listen to "Malad(i)llness" here.

We highly appreciate the relatable and emotional themes within your recent single, "Malad(i)llness." When did you begin thinking of ideas and concepts for this song? What inspired you?

Malad(i)llness came about at a time where I was feeling low around summer last year. I was in the living room with my family as we were discussing Alzheimer's disease and that’s how the first verse was written where I compare sadness to the disease. The metaphor stuck with me as I used it as a thread throughout the song with elements such as antidepressants being magic potions, comparing the illness’s lifespan to the number of time months I was depressed for, etc. I think it subconsciously also relates to the frustrations I can sometimes feel to the fact that mental illnesses are extremely serious and therefore as dangerous as other diseases that are more accepted by society.

Why did you want to capture both French and English lyricism within your recent single, "Malad(i)llness?"

I always found writing in English much easier than writing in French, maybe due to it being more personal, maybe simply because there are a million ways of saying one thing. Depression is something I dealt with whilst living in Brussels as well as when I lived in London, therefore I wanted to relate to both parts of me and both my experiences. Writing it in both languages felt like me being as authentic as I possibly could, which is what I wanted to do with this song.

Are you familiar with writing such vulnerable and deeply emotional lyricism, similar to the theme within "Malad(i)llness?" Do you face any challenges when opening your heart for the public to listen?

I’ve always been extremely open with my feelings and emotions. I have always normalized talking about dark subjects such as mental illnesses. My lyrics have always (and I believe, might always) be more on the sad, darker side. I tend to find writing about simpler, more upbeat, or joyful subjects challenging, which is something I’m currently working on. I believe what was most challenging with this song is that due to the subject of the song, people tend to think I feel a certain way when it got released, whereas those were feelings I harbored a few months back.

Did you produce the smooth sonics yourself within your single, "Malad(i)llness?" Or did you work with other producers/engineers for this process?

Malad(i)llness is the first song I’ve released, that I’ve produced this much. The song was written, composed, and produced by myself; however, you would not be listening to the same song without the help of Miguel Leon, who helped me out with the production as well as mixing and mastering the track. He is the absolute best.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

Hi. My name’s Flore, I tend to write a lot of sad songs cause they make me happy. I hope they can make you happy too.

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