Flourishing In The Garden Of Rap, Meet Fobiah

The self-proclaimed raptor, rapper, and actor, Fobiah, hails from South London with a good sound cemented in the origins of Hip-hop. Bringing forth his ambition and a burning passion that circles around getting his story out to the world, Fobiah gives a rather refreshing take on the UK's music scene in the present day we reside in.

Encompassing the elements of the genre and the culture of Hip-hop, Fobiah got his name when the transition from graffiti to music made an appearance in his life. Now geared up for the release of his EP 'Late Bloomer EP,' we're deeply curious about the artistic ventures that Fobiah will be unveiling through this five-track journey into his life.

Never disappointed with the music he crafts, there's always a heavy sense of anticipation that comes when Fobiah is ready to share his art with the public. Recruiting the likes of Alie and Katherine Kathleen as featured artists on this conscious piece of work, we hope that you'll keep your senses heightened with us as we get ready to digest the entire contents heard on 'Late Bloomer EP.'

He never forgets his roots with a love of poetry playing into the creative vessel Fobiah taps into when rapping. Delving into the fact that his mother began the source of his inspirations, stay tuned as we unravel all that is Fobiah, his influences, and the 'Late Bloomer EP' soon.