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Flutter Through A Moment’s Time With “A Hummingbird Song” From Chris Koehn And Reno Rojas

Through pulsing rhythm and a reflective message, Chris Koehn is back with a melancholic collaboration recruiting the atmospheric energy of Reno Rojas. "A Hummingbird Song" is thought-provoking as it whisks you into an oblivion of eclectic melodies nuzzling inside your mind. The tight-knit percussion, raw acoustic guitar strums and the reverberated chambers of space are a few of the staple components acting as the illuminating foundation of instrumentation. Each sound that makes up this composition is well thought out and has us dissecting the smaller puzzle pieces forming this dreamy bop rich in harmonies and candescent croons.

Written on a Sunday afternoon that brought a flock of hummingbirds to Chris Koehn's apartment, the wistful nature of this record shares a reminder to slow down and take in the beauty of what's around you. Chris Koehn aims to make the listener feel as if they're trapped within a moment and vibrate from the higher frequencies that the perception of time often masks.

"A Hummingbird Song" is the sonic representation of this fluttering critter basking you in a cordial visit as you gravitate toward the presence of being in the moment and slow down to enjoy what you're taking in. There's much brilliance in this record, with Chris Koehn's lush vocal performance wrapping the audience in a blanket of assuring lyrical motifs as he encourages stillness.

Of course, the counterpart and enthralling collaboration of Reno Rojas take this song into a vivid warmth as she whispers smoky vocals, further indulging us in an atmospheric realm of hazy ambiance.

Buzzing from the essence of this song, "A Hummingbird Song" allows us to feast on the array of emotions shed and poignant messaging that radiates from the track's core. It's easy to get lost in this track, and we encourage you to take a moment and do so yourself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Koehn! We're thrilled to have you here chatting about "A Humminbird Song." You've instilled such a profound message in this beautifully crafted sonic canvas, and we love every moment. Going back to the day of creation, what inspired you to treat this creation moment differently from any other?

Probably this is the purest song I’ve written and the fastest one I came up with.

I played my guitar on a Sunday afternoon, and a Hummingbird bird arrived at my balcony. So almost immediately, I felt the connection and music & lyrics started flowing. As I where the translator of his message.

Reno Rojas adds such a dynamic take to this record. How did this collaboration come to be? What was it like working with one another to bring more life to this song?

It was funny; she arrived almost like a hummingbird a couple of months later. Last year I invited a friend to have whiskys at my home, and she invited Reno, whom I didn’t know then. Immediately we started talking about music & cinema and had a nice connection/conversation about it. Afterwards, I invited her to the song, and we recorded & different improvised vocals; her voice gave the song a nice smoky vibe.

On a deeper level, it's often said that when a hummingbird visits, it's a message from someone who has passed on. What does "A Hummingbird Song" mean to you, if you don't mind being candid?

Indeed it is said that hummingbird’s are messengers from another dimension. We connect with our loved ones who have passed. Lyrics reflect on the perception of time, and how it almost stops when these magical animals visit. A reminder to enjoy every moment and every second. It is said that hummingbirds are messengers from another dimension where we connect with our loved ones who have passed. In my case, my father passed last year, so thinking the hummingbird’s visit might have been him.

Recruiting the technical and artistic talents of Roderic Picard at Chapel Studio and co-producer Jerry Quintana, what was it like elevating the energy of the song and sprinkling in their techniques? What was the energy like at the recording session?

Roderic’s drums gave the song a different tempo & vibe, which I enjoyed, almost like hummingbird wings moving. Jerry’s contribution as a producer to insert more light into the song (the original version was a bit darker & downtempo) gave a nice energy to the track.

Both are very talented, and I feel very grateful to collaborate with them.

What's next for you?

My new EP is coming out this 2023. "A hummingbird’s song" is part of it. So hopefully, I’ll be playing live on a couple of dates in US. In the meantime, I’m working on new songs & collaborations.

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