"Fly Away" With Angela Wright's Refreshing Pop Single

From Salt Lake City to Nashville, the clean-cut Pop artist and Vocalist Angela Wright releases her shimmering single, "Fly Away."

Growing up on Classic Rock, Angela Wright's inspirations span far across the board when it comes to genres. After attending Berklee College in 2018/19, Wright decided to venture south and see what Nashville's music scene has to offer.

Through her recent single "Fly Away," Angela Wright brings an anthemic and uplifting breakup tune for anyone who might be struggling independently. Over vibrant and modern Pop production, the song shimmers through like a bright light with its natural ambiance and empowering lyrical message.

"Fly Away" opens with a groovy electric guitar melody and upbeat poppy synths. As Angela Wright begins singing her inspiring message of spreading her wings and soaring far from the weight that's held her down, the surrounding instrumental synths grow to a crescendo for added emphasis on Wright's message. 

We love Angela Wright's straightforward lyricism as she begins to march to the beat of her own drum through phrases like "Figured out that I don't need you, you're the weight that held me down." As the song comes to an end, Angela Wright's angelic vocals slowly begin to layer, which adds incredible space for listeners to bask in their own freedom and independence. 

This uplifting mid-tempo Pop groove is truly irresistible; from the playful instrumentation to Angela Wright's empowering words that push listeners out of a rut, "Fly Away" is truly one of the more moving pieces we've heard this year. 


We always love an empowering breakup tune, but "Fly Away" hits different. Could you describe the moment where you were mentally and physically pushed to create this empowering single?

I’ve always been enamored with the concept of flying. Whether that was hopping on an airplane and being somewhere new within hours, or the beautiful motion of a bird flying. I remember sitting at the park one day contemplating my future. Should I leave my comfort zone? Will I fall? As a big flew by, I thought “This is up to me to fix, I’m going to fly away and make life what I know it could be.”  I think realizing what a year can do to you, how you can change and grow. The song was written to realize you are free to be whoever you want, with whoever you want, wherever you want. Shortly after, I flew back to my hometown and poured my heart into my notebook and guitar and the song took flight. Could you take us through your songwriting process for "Fly Away," Was it difficult to relive your past relationship in order to write the correct lyrics for how you felt?

Songs have always been an outlet for me to express how I was thinking or feeling. Songwriting is my form of therapy, I  have to process the experience and make some sort of sense of it, and songwriting has always been how I have done that. I think there are often people and reasons that may be holding you back from doing something, and for me, it takes understanding the situation (past, present, and future) and how they shaped me for me to really process and move on. At the time I wrote this song, my whole world was changing. I was in a new city, dealing with heartbreak and trying to figure out how I live my passion while still keeping afloat. So many thoughts and plans were solidified as I wrote this, and many tears were shed as I felt nostalgia, fear, and uncertainty.  Regarding the uplifting Pop instrumentals and production within "Fly Away," how did you formulate the production to be as equally empowering and inspiring as your lyrics?

The production of this song was a fun process! The song just started as a voice memo of me playing an acoustic guitar and singing while hanging outside. I sent it to my producers and told them how it could be really fun to do a “Water Melon Sugar” Style of the guitar. We had a keyboardist and guitarist come in and play fun synth sounds. In the last couple of weeks of production, I was rearranging things and sending notes to my producers to make it feel as floaty and as if you were flying away as possible. I hoped that this song would give people the courage to take the leap and enjoy the ride.  How did your vast musical background and love for many genres push you to the Pop-driven music you create today with songs like “Fly Away?"

                  I love and appreciate so many genres of music, but sometimes pop music can be irresistible or what comes most naturally when writing.  Growing up my mom would mainly want to listen to music that was pop, so we could dance around or clean to it to feel energized and happy.  I find I often write and listen to slower sad songs, but sometimes you need the song to pick you up. While this song was rooted in a lot of heartaches, I wanted the listener to feel like they could be brave a fly away too while listening.  What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?          

                 In spiration can be difficult in times of stagnation and chaos which I think 2020 has had a deep combination of both. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, but I have really worked on finding inspiration in every corner and using this time to grow as a musician and a person.  I think it’s important to keep looking forward and understand we are all humans experiencing the same things. Music has always been a wonderful way to emote feelings from people and in a world like this, I know what there are topics we all long to hear. I am releasing a constant flow of singles and music videos so stay tuned!