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Fly High with Marissa Lucia's Sonic "parachute"

The 22-year-old Orange County-hailing singer-songwriter, performer, and creator Marissa Lucia releases a smooth and sweet-sounding single, "parachute."

The Chapman University graduate spent most of her time writing and performing music part-time while earning her BA in Strategic Corporate Communications. Now creating music full-time, Marissa Lucia prides herself on emotionally charged lyrics and smooth beats. "My goal is to move people and inspire them to create," says Lucia.

Swooning listeners left, right, and center with her smooth-sailing single, "parachute," Marissa Lucia submerges into the depths of alt-pop while grooving her way through the track with incredible poise and grace. Not to mention the song's tender instrumentation and groovy underlying feel, the entire adventure is truly a refreshing listening experience.

Listening to "parachute," the song gently opens with a plucky electric guitar drenched in reverb that sets the moody and sensual tone. As soon as Marissa Lucia makes her way in, she leaves us in awe of her natural vocal charm and beauty that sweeps over our speakers like a sonic breath of fresh air. Not to mention her brilliant and airy harmonies, Marissa Lucia carries us to the hook while touching on quite an emotional lyrical theme.

The song itself is centered around the concept of a troubled relationship where Marissa Lucia feels compelled to spend some time to herself after their tumultuous arguments and disagreements. Although this piece strikes an emotional chord, Marissa Lucia grooves her way through with the utmost confidence and beauty, leaving any listener in a trance.

Lose yourself in the chilling sounds of Marissa Lucia and her latest single, "parachute," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marissa Lucia. We're wildly impressed with the soul and passion you've poured into your recent single, "parachute." Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to create this piece?

I really just wanted to ask for space, through a song, because that’s the best way I communicate with people. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t feel guilty asking for that space, especially if it's from someone you love and really care about. I know how important it is to take some time for yourself to gather your thoughts and emotions, and then come back to the situation when you are ready. So the lyrics and structure of the song really speak volumes to that theme but also what mental process is like of going back and forth of not trying to hurt the people around you or “not needing their parachute.”

Did you have any help formulating the sweet sonics for your single "parachute?" Did you work with any session musicians or producers during this process?

I was actually just having a session with my good friend/producer Robbie when we came up with this concept. I never had such a fluid writing session before, the song and concept came together so fast and beautifully - and sometimes those sessions just happen. I then met with one of my good friends and a huge mentor of mine, LNDN, and he helped me make the lyrics a little more “story-telly”, and constantly reminded me to not hold back in the honesty of writing this song, because people need to hear that.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating the atmosphere and vibe of your single "parachute?"

I didn’t have any particular artist influences in mind when creating the sound of the song, however, my writing style is heavily influenced by people like “H.E.R.” and a lot of the smooth beats I incorporate come from listening to a lot of “SADE” growing up.

Seeing that "parachute" is your third studio single, do you have any plans to create a forthcoming EP or album? Or do you plan on pushing more singles throughout the year?

I plan on pushing out a couple more singles to finish out this year, just because I would love to build some momentum before I release this project I am working on for 2022. This Latin American project is something I am so so excited about. I have never done anything like this before and I am so excited for everyone to hear it. However, these next singles coming out obviously mean a lot to me as well, and I think are very telling to the growth I have experienced as an artist.


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