Fly Wizzy Delivers a Rhythmic Hit With a Sentimental Meaning in “Come Closer”

Fly Wizzy released the vibrant single titled “Come Closer” and we found ourselves grooving along with the rhythm and singing alongside the hook! “Come Closer” is powerful in lyrical depths. From what we were able to interpret, we believed this single is about riding out with somebody who you been through tough history with. It’s a song that expresses the theme of fight and hope for your relationship. Instead of giving up on somebody, however, things end up crumbling apart anyways. This was a refreshing theme and it was much needed in this current market of singles that never takes this route.

Fly Wizzy states that this song is mainly about putting in the effort with a loved one but unfortunately nothing ever works out in the end so you both break up and now you’re missing the cherishable chemistry you had with that person! The theme was clear, but the arrangement was spectacular! Fly Wizzy gave us a more upbeat production to correlate with the sentimental lyrics. The delivery was energetic and fun, showcasing great personality through the single. Fly Wizzy indulges you in his definition of heart-break while relating to the general public. “Come Closer” was a cleverly-written single that can be used as the perfect vibe to your reminiscence playlist!

You can listen to “Come Closer” by Fly Wizzy here.


What’s the story behind “Fly Wizzy”? My name is Wes masko aka fly wizzy. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with my mother and two older sisters. Growing up music was always part of my life. Eminem is my favorite artist. I remember having posters of him all over my wall and every cd he had out at the time and would just listen to the CDs on repeat, which eventually leads to me writing my own music. The name wizzy came from my friends just call me Wizzy all the time, and once I really started making music it just stuck!

You have some huge accomplishments, congrats! Tell us what it's like being a  signed hip hop artist to Casanova Records! Being signed to Casanova records has been amazing! If it wasn’t for management, I honestly don’t think my music would have as big of a following as it does now! And I couldn’t be more thankful for the time and money my manager has put into me and my music.

We really enjoyed your single “Come Closer feat iDjFitz.”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record? What inspired you to write this song?

Come Closer really came about when I and my girlfriend (mother of my children)  was going through a rough patch in our relationship and was on the verge of splitting up. When I’m really In My feelings that’s when the best part of my music really comes alive. And both verses from me and iDjfitz really tell 2 different sides of the story! The first verse about the girl leaving the guy cause of the fighting and arguing and the 2nd verse tell you about the guy moving on do to drugs and some other things! And having iDjfitz on the song really gives the song a great vibe! His voice is great and you will be seeing more music from me and him!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? In 2020 expect to see a lot more music outta me. Music videos, EPs and maybe a possible album! So stay tuned cause Fly Wizzy taking off in 2k20!